Why Jay Abraham Got Really Ticked!

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If you don’t know who Jay Abraham is, you should. He’s one of world’s best-known marketing “gurus”  (http://www.abraham.com) . More importantly, he seems like a genuinely nice man who generously gives of his time and energy to teach others how to make gobs of money by helping their clients make gobs of money at the same time. He truly believes in win-win.I started taking a course with Jay last summer to learn joint venture marketing from a true master. The course is intense, enormously content rich and goes on for more than a year. At the monthly live two-hour classes, Jay assigns homework-lots of homework. And he expects you to do it.

Now when my daughter has homework I expect her to do it. No excuses accepted. But I have to confess that when Jay “called on me” last evening, I had not completed all of my homework. Neither, it seems, had a number of other people. Jay, needless to say, was not impressed with us.

At first I clung mentally to my excuse that I’d been way too busy servicing my small business clients, doing marketing and joint venture projects, and since I’m a widow and singe mom, taking care of my 13 year old. Then there’s the house, shopping, laundry, church, and on and on. You get the picture.

Oh, poor me!

But the truth always makes itself known sooner or later. Luckily very soon I came to see that I had chosen to participate in this amazing course but that I wasn’t making it a priority, I was kind of winging it-just the thing I tell my daughter is unacceptable. What an “aha” moment.

Jay said he had our best interests at heart and knew from experience that if we didn’t do the work we would never really succeed at this. I know that’s true because I’ve had a few clients that, in spite of my guidance and encouragement, didn’t follow through and that self-sabotage lead to them not reaching their goals. And here I was going down the same path!

At the end of each classs, Jay asks us to share insights we got from the class. Well Jay, you gave me a wake up call. I get to choose how I prioritize and spend my time. So I can’t make excuses if I choose not to follow through. So I admit it, I made a poor choice and in this case I’ll be changing that.

What about you? How are you choosing to spend your time?

Have a productive week,


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  • David Wilkinson
    Posted at 05:53h, 23 February Reply

    FANTASTIC article Janis. And darn right too… Homework is tiresome, boring, and the last thing on earth that we want to do – but if it doesn’t get done, then progress isn’t made.

    Keep up the great work!

    – David

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