What You Need to Do Now so Your Website Traffic Doesn’t Disappear

mobile websiteOn April 21st of this year, Google made a significant change. They stated that moving forward they will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly webpages — pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices — in mobile search results worldwide.

Since more people do online searches using mobile devices than any other type, this could have a serious effect on the traffic and leads your business gets online.

If you haven’t updated your website in some time, it may need an upgrade now. To find out if your site is mobile friendly try accessing it on a mobile device. Do you have enlarge the page in order to see it? Is it hard to see? Do the links work? If not this probably means you need an update so you don’t want to see your traffic take a nosedive.

Many local businesses are in for a shock when they see a downtick in business and wonder what happened. Many don’t realize that an outdated website affects sales. You have just a few seconds to impress a first time website visitor enough that they want to engage further with your business. Otherwise they are off to another easier-to-view and navigate website

Here’s a tool where you can check out how mobile friendly your website is:  Mobile Usability report in Webmaster Tools

Future trends indicate that Internet access from mobile devices will continue rising, so making sure your small business website is mobile friendly is crucial.

For local business owners that depend on the local geographic area for business, it’s even more important, because research shows that most people search online—often on a mobile device—before even visiting a local service provider or business.

If your website was built using WordPress, you are probably already mobile friendly. If not, consider moving to a WordPress site. WordPress also has hundreds of plugins that can provide you with an amazing array of possible features for your site and I highly recommend it.

There is no doubt that focusing on generating more traffic specifically from people who are searching for what you offer is important to any small business that wants to grow.

Of course once you know how to generate a steady stream of targeted traffic, you want to convert that traffic into clients. It’s crucial that you use an automated system that converts that traffic into hot leads, and then converts those leads into clients, patients or buyers so you see a steady increase in revenues, profits and growth.

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