What to Change Now to Explode Your Profits in the Next 12 Months

Now is a perfect time to take an honest assessment of where you are now, where you want to be in one year, and how to get there. It’s time to get back to basics and profit from your business. There’s a true explosion of people who are starting small businesses and are quite accomplished at delivering high value products and services. But they are not making the money they could because they don’t have the other crucial skill set they need to succeed—the Entrepreneurial skill set.

Do you see other successful business owners and wonder what their secret is? It’s this-they spend as much time mastering Entrepreneurial skills like marketing, sales and finances as they do delivering services. They work with coaches and mentors so they don’t waste time languishing in frustration.

You can have the best products in the world, but if you don’t have a clear strategy, and don’t know how to market and sell them and if you struggle with the financial end of your business, you won’t achieve your income goals. So right now is a good time to take an honest assessment of what needs to change.

Do you have big dreams and just can’t figure out what’s not working? Here are some roadblocks I see often and what to do about them.

    1. Grabbing onto every new e-book, article, tele-classes or webinar that promises a new tactic, then finding yourself overwhelmed by all these ideas, but still stuck not knowing what to do with them.

It’s important to learn marketing strategies and tactics, such as how to create information products, how to use e-mail marketing, how to create an effective website and how to generate leads and close sales. This is all important. But….if you don’t know how to put all those puzzle pieces together into a cohesive strategy, you’ll feel like you’re drowning in a sea of information.

    1. Not focusing on the Big Picture.

Do you have clear strategies that guide you each day? Is your branding and marketing message propelling people to take action and become subscribers or clients? Do you have a back end marketing system in place that increases the revenues you generate from each client? If not, you need to work on creating a Big Picture strategy for your business that will prevent you from taking ineffective random actions and help you get clear on exactly how you’ll create your income goals.

    1. Clear goals lead to clear focused action steps each day

You are not an island and it really does take expert support and mentoring to help you gain clarity. When you see the Big Picture and you set clear goals, then you can break them down into projects with specific weekly action steps. You can decide what needs to be outsourced and changed. But without this clear plan, it’s easy to sit at your desk each day and just do what appears in front of you. It’s easy to get caught up in doing what seems urgent but is really not important. Clear focused daily action that is pre-determined by your goals will explode your profits quickly.

    1. Work habits and time use

Time thieves like e-mail and surfing the web can keep you busy but not productive. It’s important to observe the way you use your time each day and ask yourself “did I spend most of my time on money generating, client service or strategic planning activities?” If the answer is yes, then you probably are making all the money you deserve and desire. If not, go back and look at your goals, your Big Picture and your plan and re-structure how you spend your day.

What about your work habits? Is your desk a disaster or are you well organized so you don’t waste time? Are you repeating tasks over and over that could be automated or that could be made into a template? When I found myself teaching the same basics over and over to my clients, I organized them into audios, checklists, templates and worksheets to save time and to help my clients learn faster. Are you wasting time on tasks that could be affordably outsourced? Make a list of tasks and habits that are sapping your energy and that you want to change.

Here’s what you seriously need to consider–If you continue to do what you’re doing now what will change in terms of the results you’re getting? This is a tough question, but the answer is that your results won’t change. It’s easy to get trapped in what I call “catch 22 syndrome”- a cycle where you don’t feel you have the money to get the tools, outsourced help, coaching and marketing materials you need, and so you’re stuck. Now is the time to have the courage to take action, step outside your comfort zone and make the necessary changes that will result in the business and income you want.

Get back to basics. Learn the basic strategies that are the foundation of every successful business.

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