Website Headlines and Content That Get Visitors to Take Action

Imagine changing just the words on one of your web pages and suddenly seeing a spike in people signing up for your mailing list, or buying from you. It happens everyday. Yet I see small business websites all the time with poorly written web copy. These business owners just don’t understand why their website isn’t generating any business for them.I know right away that change is needed when the home page starts with “welcome to our website”-“we do this and we do that”.  The problem is that the copy is focused on you instead of your website visitor and this is a serious mistake.When people visit your website they are already a warm prospect. Otherwise why would they be searching for your information? It’s your job to convince them quickly that they need to take action and engage with you in some way. You can do that by answering their main question which is, “what’s in it for me”?

In every marketing message you write, whether it’s a web page, direct mailer, e-mail, e-book or report title or brochure, the headline is the most important element. The headline has to convince people to take the time to read further. It needs to state a benefit you offer and it needs to create enough curiosity that makes someone want to read more. Just changing your headline can literally double the response you get. I’ve seen it happen many times.

Then there’s the copywriting or content. Do you touch people at an emotional level with your message? No matter what type of product or service you offer, you need to prove that you really understand their needs, pain, challenge or wants. Then you have to go about proving that you can give them the solution they’re seeking. People aren’t much interested in the process you go through to get results. They just want to feel confident you’ll get the results they want.

Now more than ever, when people are bombarded with information and marketing messages, the impact of your message needs to stand out from the crowd if you hope it will be noticed.

We use an 11-step process, a really simple system, to write headlines and web content that compel people to take action. That’s just one of the systems you’ll learn if you join us in July for Traffic Class-How to Turn Your Website into a Virtual Sales Tool.

This 4-part tele-course is only offered a few times a year and you don’t even have to worry if you miss a class because you’ll get the audio (along with session notes and worksheets).

You can drive all the traffic you can to your website-and I’ll show you how to do it-but if visitors don’t take action once they’re there, you’ve wasted all that effort. First get your website ready for visitors and then create a steady stream of traffic.

In one month you can learn what you need to know to make your website a virtual profit center for your small business. There are a few spots left so I hope you’ll register now to get the EARLY REGISTRATION PRICE!

For those of you in the US-have a wonderful July 4th weekend!


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