Ways Cold Calling Can Boost Your Business

I’ll admit that cold calling has never been my favorite marketing method. However, from time to time it is absolutely necessary for all businesses to pick up the phone and call people you don’t know. Why? Well here are just a few of the ways cold calling can boost your business.

  • You could connect with new ideal clients
  • You could set appointments with key decision makers or ask them for advice
  • You could find investors for your business
  • You could find quality joint venture partners who will promote your products or services to their clients or subscribers for a percentage of revenues.
  • You could set up appointments with gatekeepers–other business owners who have clients similar to yours and who could refer to you.
  • You could invite an influential person to lunch and begin building a relationship with them.
  • You could set up a mastermind group of accomplished partners who could help you grow your business.
  • You could set up speaking engagements to build your reputation and sell your products.

Yes, cold calling is a skill we all need to master.

What if I told you my hands used to go cold and clammy each time I had to make a cold call? Sound familiar? It’s true–but no more.

In many small businesses, the difference bettween gettting mediocre results and great results can be measured by how many times you pick oup the phone and connect with people who can help improve your business in some way. I’ve done plenty of cold calling in my 19 years as an entrpreneur. I’ve even been a corporate sales trainer. But, I was never very fond of cold calling.

However, in the past year of so, I’ve relly begun to pick up the phone, and with careful pre-planning, the results have been impressive. First I called a small group of highly successful women nationwide and put together a virtual mastermind group that is creating many new business growth opportunities and connections.

Next I called some very successful online entrepreneurs to set up some joint venture opportunities.

I regularly set up speaking engagements by cold calling.

My results improved dramatically after reading a wonderful book written by a cold calling master, Wendy Weiss. She’s known as the “Queen of Cold Calling” and if you read her book, “Cold Calling for Women” you’ll understand why. Don’t let this put you off if you’re a guy–these tips work for anyone.

I’ve gotten to know Wendy and she’s doing a great teleseminar tomorrow, October 24th, that you may want to attend if you want to dramatically improve your cold calling results.

The Miracle Appointment Setting Script Live Coaching Teleconference is designed expressly for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. This is a live, step-by-step coaching teleconference to help you implement the skills you need to catch a decision-maker’s attention and get that decision-maker to agree to a meeting with you. Imagine the effect on our bottom line if you were able to meet directly with more qualified decision-makers.

Here are the details:

Miracle Appointment Setting Teleconference

If you can’t make the seminar, at least consider reading this wonderful book. Try the techniques WEndy suggests and let me know how your results have improved.

To your success,


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