Ever feel like what you want to achieve in your consulting or speaking business is just beyond your grasp? To the outside world it may appear that you’re a superstar, yet inside you feel stuck even though you’re working hard.


This is what many experts experience.


It’s easy to spin your wheels trying what you hope will work, but if it’s not resulting in big visibility, easy client acquisition, and impressive growth then you may need some help.


Go from “Best Kept Secret” to “Sought After Expert”

This is how you 10X Your Business Impact, Influence and Income


Consultants | Experts | Executives | Speakers | Authors


What happens when someone is searches for a company or an expert like you? Do your videos, articles or book pop up? Are you recommended? Are you positioned as a niche authority?


If you want a steady flow of ready-to-hire-you leads, you need to Step into the Spotlight and Broadcast Your Message.


Go from Best Kept Secret to Well Known Authority.


Streaming Media Is Not Just Exploding Now…. It’s the Future

Want national exposure for your book, business or brand?

Over 50% of Americans watch some form of streaming TV every single day (according to Statistica)!

Get booked on one of two popular streaming business shows; one featuring authors, and the other featuring business experts. Filmed in a professional New York TV studio, you’ll be interviewed by a seasoned New York network journalist.

You’ll be able to tell your story, promote your book or brand, and use the episode video in your future marketing!

You’ll get extensive exposure. Here is where your show will air:

  • Your interview will be available for subscribers on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Vewd

These shows also reach a national audience on:

  • United Airlines flights
  • Airports
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Major Hotels
  • Elevators
  • A Sunday night business cable show

Before your interview we have you covered. We offer you professional consulting and media training to help you prepare and make the most of your interview.



As a featured guest on a TV interview, people automatically see you as being in demand!

  • Be the featured guest on our online and streaming TV talk show, shot on set with professional video cameras, professional lighting, makeup, wardrobe assistance and post production editing.
  • Leave with a highly polished video where you, your story and your business are in the spotlight.
  • Once your TV segment is edited and ready to air, we feature it on our show on multiple streaming channels and business outlets, to give you national exposure.

With Spotlight on YOU TV Interviews you are in the driver’s seat. Unlike being on a TV network show, the content of your interview is created to highlight you, your strengths, your story and your business, rather than to simply fill in a 3 minute spot on a subject a TV producer has chosen.

Before your interview we offer you professional media training, including:

  • How to use your story to engage the audience.
  • How to feel comfortable on camera.
  • Wardrobe, hair and makeup tips for looking great.
  • How to get viewers to engage with you afterwards (this is key!).

 Then we show you how to leverage your video interview to build your audience so you can go from best kept secret to well known authority.

We also offer an Informal Interview Series recorded using Zoom, with some video distribution. Talk to us to learn more.


Every day local talk shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW (depending on the city) are looking for guests.

If your topic is timely or timeless, and is relevant to their audience, you very well might get booked. (Having a Spotlight on YOU TV Interview makes it even easier to get booked on local TV since the producer can see how well you come across in a TV interview.)

Getting booked on local TV shows on major networks not only exposes you to an audience of local viewers, it allows you to use that video in all your ongoing marketing to give your reputation an instant boost and immediately establish your Authority status.

Then you can use those credentials—“AS SEEN ON NBC”—for example, everywhere! Plus you now have two impressive TV interviews to use in all your marketing.

Think Lady Gaga, Peyton Manning, Brian Tracy,
Tony Robbins….. YOU!


Podcasts are hot, with more and more people tuning into podcasts on mobile. We have had lots of success appearing as a podcast guest on popular podcasts whose listeners are our ideal audience, and you can do the same.

Our service includes

  • Getting booked on a minimum of 10 Podcasts!
  • Identifying your target audience and the podcasts that serve that audience
  • Developing topics that would be of interest to those podcast hosts.
  • Develop your “pitch” so you can get booked
  • Create your “Podcast One Sheet”. Podcast one sheets are super important when if you want to be booked on podcasts. They explain to podcast hosts why you are a great fit for their audience and they provide the podcast hosts with everything they need to be prepared for an interview with you.
  • Learn how to turn podcast guests into leads and subscribers.


Have you been trying to figure out how to use the power and reach of video to grow your brand and attract clients?

A video podcast or online TV show is  a series of videos that feature great attention grabbing topics that showcase your expertise and offer valuable help,  so when they need to hire someone, they seek you out.

In just one day we can shoot up to 9 episodes in a professional studio with professional cameras, lighting, editing, makeup, scripting and media training!

Then we put together a distribution plan to leverage your “episodes” and put them in front of a large targeted audience where you are the authority.

Imagine being able to include the links to your TV or podcast appearances on your–

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Sales pages
  • Bio
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Brochures and Print Marketing Materials
  • What if you could send a video of your interview to prospects before you met with them?

Feature it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Sounds pretty awesome right?


LinkedIn is the #1 Business Lead Generation social media site in the world. We’ve developed a proven system that will create a valuable Business Data Base of your most high quality prospects.

Most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn to get leads.

Put a Proven System in place to build relationships that result in more sales, referrals and even joint venture and speaking opportunities.


 LINKED LEADS  is a “done with you” process that provides you with:


Expert Training: 8 in-depth training videos, proven messaging scripts, and downloadable slides to show you how to add up to 300 new connections in your top target market monthly, how to create a profile that gets noticed, how to start conversations with new connections, and how to stand out in your niche


Private Deep Dive Consultation Calls: On these calls we will help you customize your messaging and emails and overall strategy for maximum response, help you pinpoint your best target market for getting new clients and referrals, and we will develop your best profile.


Social Selling Training: First we’ll give you access to the Social Selling Bootcamp online. Then we’ll work with you privately to show you how to schedule discovery calls, what to say and how to turn connections into clients. We even provide our proven script.


Automation: We’ll introduce you to, and train you or your team or assistant on how to use our 2 software solutions to automate much of the process, so you can enjoy…

Increased Revenue and More Freedom!


Would you rather handle your own LinkedIn Lead Generation? If so we created a comprehensive online training that will show you what to do step by step and will introduce you to some of the software we use to automate parts of the system to save you time and money.


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