Turning your ideas into a profitable small business

The “idea phase” is one of the most exciting parts of the entrepreneurial process. You start to get a vision of how people will love the products that emerge from your idea, how they’ll flock through the door, how you’ll be doing what you love every day, and filling
your bank account as well. You begin to see trips to exotic places, time to spend enjoying a stunning summer day– the life you want.

This visioning is really important–but it’ll stay just a pipe dream unless you put together a detailed plan to make it a reality, set incremental goals, and become very pro active and focused about following the plan.

Lots of people get stuck in the dream phase. They can’t seem to get out of the gate because they feel overwhelmed or confused about how to make their dream come true. Either the mountain of work in front of them seems too huge, or they don’t know where to start because they lack the necessary business know how. So many great ideas are wasted because of these roadblocks.

Most business owners I meet are not afraid to work hard. They are just unclear about their goals. They don’t have a written plan and they spend their days running from task to task with no clear strategy. Successful dream makers-entrepreneurs-are strategic masters.

There’s a great book by famous author Martha Beck called, “Finding Your Own North Star”. In it she talks about the “transition [from dream] to reality”. This is the hardest part of the journey. In this phase you need to set realistic goals and plan specific actions to achieve them. Each goal is like a step on a ladder that leads toward the realization of your small business dream. Trying to comprehend the whole process at once is enough to make anyone want to escape to a deserted island!

You can either dream, do nothing and set yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Or you can take a deep breath and plan out phase 1, then be pro-active and implement the plan. Next tackle phase 2 and suddenly you’re on a roll.

Here’s the entrepreneur’s secret. It’s not seeing your small business idea dream realized that’s the most fun, although I can tell you it’s really awesome. It’s the actual trip you take to get there that’s an absolute thrill. It’s what you do and learn everyday when you know you’ve reached the next rung on the ladder that really counts. It’s learning to breakthrough habits and ways of thinking that are holding you back that gives you a great sense of joy, purpose and accomplishment.

It’s taken me years to learn this and it has brought me a level of happiness in my business and life that I never realized existed.

If you have a business dream or idea and you’re ready to transition it to reality, I will walk you through a simple system that will remove the overwhelm and confusion. I want to see your dream made real.

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Here’s to manifesting your dreams starting today!


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