Turn One Idea into a Tsunami of Profitable Products

product marketingThere is a misperception that it’s difficult to create information products. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before we talk about tsunamis, first we’ll talk about the five crucial steps you need to master to create and sell numerous information products that will not only bring new clients into your higher priced services, but more importantly can double or triple your income in your knowledge-based small business.

    1. Through research, identify what buyers want

Rather than taking your idea for an information product and creating the product without finding out if there’s a demand first, do the research so you can position your product to give people what they want.

    1. Create a product that is easy to understand, well organized and gets results

If you want lots of great testimonials and you want clients that stay with you and become fans, your product needs to deliver the results your marketing materials say it will.

    1. Master and implement a well planned out PROVEN marketing system.

I’ve often seen people create a great information product and then get no sales because they didn’t have a multi-pronged proven marketing plan in place or didn’t leave themselves enough time to build marketing momentum (6 to 8 weeks).

    1. Convert leads to buyers

If your sales copy isn’t creating a yearning for your product and if the perceived value isn’t equal or greater than the price you’re asking, you’ll struggle to make a sale. Keep tweaking your sales page or sales video until its creating buyers.

    1. Re-purpose your product into a tsunami of other products. Here comes the tsunami!

There is no need to keep re-inventing the wheel. Let’s say you’ve created a home study program. You can take the modules of the program and create a monthly membership program with the same material. Then you can take each module and make an audio and an audio transcript and sell those as a stand-alone product—either downloadable or as a hardcopy CD and transcript.

Take look at all the articles you’ve written, the audios you’ve recorded, the tele-classes you’ve recorded or the videos you’ve made. Do a “mix and match” to put together a logical new product from what you already have.

Another easy product creation strategy is to have someone interview you, record it, and turn that into an audio product with a transcript and even a worksheet.

This is so easy that you could easily crank out a few valuable products each month if you wanted to do so. You can also use these products as added-value bonuses for your higher priced products and services.

This is the approach you need to grow any service based small business that’s built on your knowledge, expertise, passion and skills if you are committed to creating a solid, sustainable six figure income. Every successful six or seven figure entrepreneur I know re-purposes and re-packages their information in multiple ways. Start today and within a few months you will see additional income.

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