The Three Keys to Small Business Success

Whether you’re growing your small business offline or online, these 3 keys to small business success will unlock the door to more profits, more free time, small business success and financial freedom. I learned this the hard way so you don’t need to.

The 3 keys are:

  • leveraging
  • strategy
  • planning

I’ll tell you how they work in a minute.

The alternative is what I call the small business school of “shot in the dark” growth. It goes like this:

  • Oh, I’ve got a great idea.
  • I’ll give it a try now
  • I hope it works and brings in lots of sales
  • Action taken. Money spent

Which do you think gets the best results? Let me give you a simple example of how the “3 keys” can work online.Say you write an article like this one that will hopefully offer some value to your clients and you send it by e-mail, or you even put it on your website. To leverage the article here are just a few things you could do with it:

Research a relevant keyword phrase to use in the article so it’s search engine optimized and the search engines might find it when someone does a search using that phrase.

  1. Make it an entry in your blog and make sure your blog is sending out to RSS feeds
  2. Make the article a search engine optimized page on your website.
  3. Send it as an autoresponder e-mail
  4. Submit the optimized article to online article directories and post it to social marketing websites like Digg and Squidoo with a link back to your site included.

You’ve begun to leverage the time you took to create, write and edit the article.

To create a strategy for the article, you could:

  1. Decide how the article could drive readers back to a specific sales or blog page on your website where they would be introduced to related products and services
  2. Decide how the content of the article could be written to create interest in the product or service
  3. Develop to make the article part of a series of articles that relate to the product or service and that lead readers to take action

To plan around the article, you could

  1. Develop an overall plan as to how you will use articles to introduce subscribers to a series of sequential, value added products.
  2. Decide how much revenue you want to generate each month and how you’ll do that
  3. Measure and track traffic to the web page your article is linked to, and track how many of those visitors buy your product or service (conversion rate).
  4. Make adjustments to the article content, or product sales page content if you need you’re not getting the results you want.

Okay, this is very general. And it’s just a teensy, weensy sampling of what you’ll learn in my multi-media e-course, Maximize Your Website Now.

Every morning when you begin work, think about how you’ll use these 3 keys to small business success in your work that day. In one month you’ll be amazed at the results. You’ll likely find yourself heading in some new directions and maximizing your time, energy and resources in a new way.


To your success,



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