The Secret to Attracting More Clients


In spite of the economy, my wonderful small business clients are not only optimistic but many are busier than ever. How is this possible?One of the most important things we talk about in my Group Coaching Strategy Sessions is mindset. Those people who constantly repeat how bad the economy is like a mantra over and over to themselves and others are actually brainwashing themselves into a state of fear, anxiety and paralysis. I’ve heard this called a bunker mentality. On the other hand people who turn off the news and spend time developing new strategies, plans and systems for their business and then implementing them with confidence seem to be doing just fine.

Another aspect of mindset has to do with your intentions vs. your core beliefs. If you have a big dream or intention, but deep down you don’t really believe it’s possible there is a disconnect. Energetically you’re being pulled like a tug of war in two opposite directions and that is never going to move you forward. It’s really hard to make progress because your core beliefs are going to sabotage your intention. Your core beliefs are telling you it just can’t be done. I’ve seen this happen over and over with clients and I’ve certainly experienced it myself as well. The secret is to recognize it and do something to change it.

When you truly have a core belief that you will reach your goal and you are passionate about it, you’re already creating the energy impetus that will make it so much easier for you to get there. When there is a lack of alignment between belief and intention that’s when you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, procrastinating or stuck. When your core beliefs are in alignment you get this feeling of inner power and an inner motivation to do whatever it takes to get help from the people and resources that can get you to your goal as quickly as possible. This means letting go of feelings of lack that tell you that you don’t have enough time or money to do what needs to be done to get more ideal clients now.It also means letting go of the fear of learning something new.

  • Do you need a new website?
  • Do you need to create a new product?
  • Do you need to master marketing?
  • Do you need to add technology, like using an autoresponder and videos?
  • Do you need to use Social Media?
  • Do you need a mentor?
  • Do you need to focus your time on client generating activities?
  • Do you need systems so you can get more done in less time?

If the answer is yes and you haven’t done it, ask yourself what’s holding you back? Figure out what core belief is telling you that you’re not as great as you really are or that you can’t invest in yourself.If you commit internally to playing a bigger game amazing things start to happen. Because the first thing you’ll do no matter what the sacrifice, is to find the help you need to fast-track your success. You’ll start to feel a flow in your business and its amazing how quickly new clients will begin to find you. Plus you’ll be more committed to doing what it takes to find them.

I’m thrilled right now to see my small and solo business clients becoming more profitable than ever. They are finding well-paying clients, lucrative joint ventures, new opportunities. There are so many opportunities out there right now its mind boggling. Just change the way you think. Tune into your core beliefs and align them with your dreams.

  • Joe Polivick
    Posted at 11:42h, 17 August Reply

    “When there is a lack of alignment between belief and intention that’s when you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, procrastinating or stuck.”

    Conscious beliefs determine emotions, physical health, success, and failure.

    You’ve captured the essence of living on earth.

  • Michael
    Posted at 18:21h, 02 September Reply

    I completely agree with you that thinking really makes it so.
    Without any kind of flattering, you’ve made coaching and training so simple that one has no other option but to make it work.
    Its great fun learning from your great written resources, webinars, videos and coaching calls.
    I could not beleieve it’s just one month since I plugged into the training.

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