The Millionaire Mindset – 7 Keys to Small Business Success

Here’s the video for key #4 in the 7 Keys to Small Business Success Series. I put this one right in the middle because it’s the most important. It’s about mindset. In fact it’s about developing a “millionaire mindset”. No one built a million dollar business without thinking like a million dollar business owner. I use this as a metaphor for whatever your goal might be. Maybe reaching the 7-figure mark is not your goal, but creating financial freedom and a truly successful lifestyle business is. But if you can’t see where you want to end up and you can’t feel the excitement of being there, you are limiting yourself. Do you truly believe that your vision is in the process of becoming a reality, or is it simply a wish, a hope, a dream?

Many people talk about the Law of Attraction and whether or not it’s true that what you think, along with the emotion attached to those thoughts, determines your success. I’ve experienced the Law of Attraction at work and it works only if you TAKE ACTION. You can visualize and you can feel excited about what you see in your mind, but if you don’t take action you won’t get what where you want to go.

Where are your thoughts holding you back? Are there limiting beliefs about money, about what you believe you deserve, about what is expected of you, about what your potential is that are holding you back? As entrepreneurs how we think and feel directly affects our behavior, actions and results. Take a look at this brief video and I invite you to leave you thoughts and comments.

7 Keys to Small Business Success #4 – Mindset from Janis Pettit on Vimeo.

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