The Disturbing Truth Revealed

My colleagues and I often rant about the unfortunate amount of alluring hype that exists online about making money fast. It’s so easy to actually believe this stuff if you are a small or solo business struggling to survive, or even if you’re just tired of working so darn hard.

Make $1,000,000 in seven days! 

Yes I actually saw this on a website and undoubtedly some people were falling for it. Why would someone make a promise like that? Because they are afraid that you won’t buy from them if they don’t and because they are touching their readers’ hot button-financial freedom.  Don’t fall prey to this ridiculousness.

This is a lesson for all of us about integrity in marketing. It’s also a sad lesson about how we don’t like hearing the naked truth and we search for the easy way out.

What’s Real?

The truth is that if you started a business and thought it would be easy, you’ve definitely been misled. Many businesses fail to flourish because the real truth is:

  • You’ll need to work really, really hard-especially during the first few years
  • You will go through a steep learning curve that may take you outside your comfort zone
  • You’ll need courage, unbelievable determination and laser like focus

Chances are you’ll face many of these roadblocks

  • You will procrastinate
  • You won’t know where to start
  • You’ll think, dream and do research, but will fail to take action
  • You’ll feel overwhelmed with ideas begging to be turned into projects
  • You’ll be confused as to what to pursue next
  • You’ll be bombarded with daily tasks and your to do list will never end
  • You’ll sometimes make excuses, like not having the time or money you need to succeed
  • You’ll sometimes think you don’t have what it takes to succeed
  • You’ll sometimes fail to follow through or feel stuck
  • You’ll even settle for less than you deserve sometimes, just to get the business
  • You’ll skip the planning and strategy because you think you have no time.

You might be nodding your head in agreement, but using language like that would probably discourage sales.

That’s why some marketers make promises they can’t keep. However, facing the truth will set you free to reach a level of success you can’t even imagine. I know that from first hand experience and from what I’ve seen my clients experience.

We’re all human, we all face these roadblocks. Acknowledging them and seeking solutions instead of looking for a quick fix is the only way to get past them.

Depressed yet? Here’s the good news.

First of all, I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you are determined to be your own boss and build a successful small business, no matter what it takes.

The good news is that you can overcome every one of those roadblocks with the right support and help. You are not an island. With the right mentoring,  coaching and resources from someone who has been in your shoes, experienced what you’re experiencing and moved forward to achieve success, you will be able to bust through roadblocks quickly, be held accountable, kept on track and accelerate the growth of your business in a big way.

That’s why I love being a coach and mentor. When I see someone breakthrough it’s the biggest thrill in the world. When a client starts making the money they dreamed of and they feel great about their accomplishment, well, there’s nothing like it.

  • Donna Gunter,
    Posted at 16:57h, 14 August Reply

    Hi Janis–

    Well said! I teach Internet marketing strategy
    and even I get sick of it..LOL. Somebody’s
    got some new strategy every day that’s going
    to solve all of my problems. Sigh..if it were
    only that easy…then everyone would be doing
    it, wouldn’t they? LOL

    Thanks for helping set the record straight!


  • Jeanne May
    Posted at 04:54h, 15 August Reply

    Hi Janis…

    this reminded me of an introductory lecture at my university in the course that several hundred extremely enthusiastic and motivated students were about to take to begin their careers. Several students found it very depressing and negative and yet others saw it as extremely empowering and freeing.

    It isn’t easy, it does take persistence, courage and a lot of hard work to get there… but the professional and personal rewards outweigh any discomfort we experience in getting to our outcome.

    Thanks for saying it as it is!


  • James Pruitt
    Posted at 09:49h, 25 May Reply

    Great Post. this is so true. Making money online is not easy. Part of the reason that this type of hype works is because people are looking for a quick fix. If you were starting an offline business, you would expect to take time to make it work. this is a business, and it will take the same commitment and work ethic as any other business.

    People talk about the overnight success that they had, and leave out the months of learning, struggling, and hard work that they put in before things took off. the thing is once it takes off, it tends to snowball and build very quickly. Well it did for me anyway

  • Donna Thomas
    Posted at 16:58h, 27 May Reply

    Great article, Janis! Both realistic and hopeful!
    Everything you say is true for me – I’ve hit all those
    roadblocks – still stuck at some of them. But I
    persevere and move forward in increments.
    It helps to remember my big why. Dedication,
    commitment and consistency – even when I don’t
    feel like it! Thanks for getting real about the schemes
    for big, fast money! Aloha…Donna

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