The 10 Profound Breakthroughs That Created My 6-Figure Business

Some months ago I offered a free tele-class called The 10 Profound Breakthroughs That Created My 6-Figure Business. It was the first time I truly opened up about the underlying breakthroughs that have been responsible for my business success and that I’ve passed on to my small business clients.

I was amazed at the response. So many people listened to the audio that each day we had to purchase additional bandwidth. Although I can’t include all of the content of this groundbreaking class here I wanted to share a brief summary of the 10 Breakthroughs with my blog readers. Here we go.

    1. Passion –

you can make money without passion. People do it every day. But you will not find joy in your work and you won’t look forward to work each day. And eventually you will burn out.

    1. Mindset —

what you think absolutely determines what actions you take. Limiting, negative thought patterns, which we all have, can absolutely stop you cold if they dominate your thoughts. They can prevent you from taking the actions that will catapult your business to a new level. Fear filled thought patterns are the worst offenders. Become aware of them and consciously try to change them by acting in spite of your fear.

    1. Time management and focus

– how you spend each moment of your day will absolutely determine your success. Imagine if you spent the majority of your time on client and money generating activities and could cut your work time by 30%. Is it possible—absolutely!

I see many business owners chasing after the latest opportunity and yet the 7-figure entrepreneurs who have served as my mentors are relentlessly and narrowly focused on what they’re good at. Their business never wavers and their reputation grows as a result. That means they are spending their time focused on their core business and not getting distracted by every idea that crosses their desk. This was eye-opening for me.

    1. Marketing Mastery

– The sad truth is that a mediocre product with great marketing will always out perform a great product with poor marketing. So if you have a great product that gets results AND great marketing, just think of the exceptional success you can achieve. You need to learn a repeatable, step-by-step proven marketing system that will perform time after time.

    1. Systems

– a business without systems cannot grow beyond a certain point. Once you learn and implement systems they function on autopilot and your business becomes scalable meaning it can grow quickly and will not put any strain on you because the systems are already in place. When I learned this it had a huge impact on my business. Now I have refined and created systems that work like a charm and I teach them to all of my clients. The results are impressive.

    1. Leverage

– why keep reinventing the wheel? Once you’ve created a product or marketing material or process why not use it, re-purpose or re-package it in every possible way? So many people fail to leverage what they’ve already done and yet this will save you so much time and money.

    1. Planning and Designing

– without a clear plan for your business and a design for the lifestyle you want, you’re open to jumping at each opportunity that comes along which can cause you to endlessly spin your wheels. My business is planned in detail, including my basic schedule, for the rest of the year. I’ve designed my lifestyle to be the way I want it and I build my business around it. You need to star doing this from day one.

    1. Outsourcing

–no 6 or 7 figure Entrepreneur does it all themselves. If you try to do this you will burn out or have an income ceiling because there are only so many hours in a day. Lots of business owners are afraid of giving up some control but you must learn to get comfortable with this if you want to leap ahead. Once I started doing this my business quickly doubled. I have a wonderful, small outsourced team that are worth every penny.

    1. Thinking Big

– you are not serving the world by thinking small and expecting the minimum. There are prospective clients who need you and won’t find you if you think small. There are others in your life that won’t benefit it you achieve small. Why don’t you believe you can have the life you want? Dream big. I use the acronym CIBA—Claim it, Intend it, Believe it, Achieve it.

  1. Committing to your Vision

– Take the big dream and decide what you want in detail before you know how you will get it. Claim it as yours. Then set a clear intention to reach that vision, and see it clearly. Believe in your heart that you can have it. That level of inner commitment and positive belief will help you start taking the right actions and finding the right help and mentors you need to achieve it. If you are committed it will get you through the set backs and keep you focused on what you want.

Finally, find a mentor or coach who can help you get on the fast track and stay there. Find someone who will not judge you but has already achieved what you hope to achieve and who will hold you accountable. You deserve to create the life you want and these breakthroughs can get you there.

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