What Is the Key Difference Between An Agent Making 2K A Month And One Making 20K and More A Month In Commissions?


Why do some agents seem to soar while others struggle or stagnate? There are several key reasons but they are almost all due to problems with lead generation and sales. Once you solve the lead generation problem, closing sales is often the easier part.

Most agents rely on traditional tried and true lead generation methods like networking or cold calling purchased leads. Or they rely on referrals. While these methods will result in some business, the problem is that they are hit and miss, and result in just one client at a time. So they are not the most effective ways to ramp up your book of business fast. Let’s look at each.


While a good relationship and trust are crucial to getting and keeping clients, networking is time consuming and sometimes costly. It takes some time to get referrals from a networking connection, and there are often multiple insurance agents vying for attention. I’m not saying you shouldn’t network. Just know that there’s a much better way.

Cold Calls

Because we work with insurance agents we’ve run across many who purchase leads. Whether you’re aware or not, those leads you purchased are being shared with other agents, which is why the conversion rate is around 1% or 2%. This is a slow way to build your business, and not the most fun.


Referrals are the Holy Grail. A referral is a warm lead who has expressed an interest in what you offer and has been sent to you by someone they trust. However referrals are a passive way of marketing and they are feast or famine. Ask for referrals-but don’t rely on them as your sole source of new business

So what do top agents do that differentiates them? They create an online Leads-On-Demand system that attracts leads to come to them.

Thousands of people search online for insurance every month. In my city of Raleigh NC over 9,000 people search for insurance agents monthly!

When you know how to get a nice chunk of that business on autopilot, then rather than chasing leads, they are finding and choosing you. And you’re attracting leads every single month without spending all that time and effort.

I’d like to invite you to watch a webinar (it’s only 25 minutes) I’ve just released where I explain how to build a Leads on Demand system for your business.

  • Mobopreneur
    Posted at 07:00h, 14 September Reply

    It is really the power of networking. Without it, it is hard to get a client who can trust you. They wanted to talk to you so that they know that they are dealing with a real person.

    • Admin
      Posted at 18:50h, 14 September Reply

      Absolutely. Which is why social media is so powerful. It’s networking–only online. It can create very powerful relationships that then lead to a very warm and friendly phone call. Building trust is crucial. Thanks for your comment.

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