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Janis Pettit is a best selling author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She’s built 4 businesses from start-up to success, and hosted her own cable business talk show in New York. she has been a sought after speaker, podcast guest and author. Since 2002 she’s served hundreds of entrepreneurs, small company CEO’s, experts and consultants worldwide, helping them to be seen, be heard and build a bold, lucrative business that makes an impact.

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Janis Pettit’s Topics with Descriptions


Many entrepreneurs, small companies and experts invest significant time, thought, money and energy trying to get noticed by potential clients and to establish a top notch reputation as the go-to experts. Yet many struggle and remain a “best kept secret”.

In this eye-opening presentation you’ll discover–

  • 6 powerful ways to go from best kept secret to niche celebrity.
  • How to build a targeted audience of loyal followers that convert to clients.
  • Why you’re more in demand than you know

Keynote, Breakout Session. Perfect for business owners, consultants, CEO’s, experts.


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Discover why companies need to foster a culture of entrepreneurship to thrive.


Our culture is becoming increasingly entrepreneurial with the explosion of the freelance, or gig, economy. Companies struggling to find full time talent are turning to outsourced contractors and consultants to fulfill key roles.

Those that can’t adapt, innovate and even transform in response to lightning fast changes in market conditions will stagnate and many of them won’t survive at all. Millennials  change jobs often in order to find work that honors their talent and creativity and supports their chosen lifestyle and they are the future.

So how can your company build and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in your people in order to tap into the highest talents of your employees and keep your company innovative, cutting edge and relevant?

As a serial entrepreneur who has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, Janis will share ways to foster entrepreneurial qualities and innovation in your team.

Keynote, Breakout Session. Perfect for companies, managers, teams.


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Imagine if your best leads and clients consistently flowed easily from your followers and relationships on social media.

In a consumer driven market, when you know exactly how  to use social media strategically to attract a loyal following, new business and referrals pour in. Janis will show you the inside secrets to making social media work in your business.

Keynote, Breakout Session. Perfect for business owners, consultants, professional associations, sales professionals.


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You’re a professional, competent, even successful. But somewhere deep inside you know there’s more. There is a spark of brilliance that is waiting to be released.

In your Brilliance Zone you can create the life you want, reach your professional potential,  and even make a powerful impact on people or companies. How do you access that place where what you contribute is unique, in demand and making a noticeable difference?

Experience an “aha” moment as Janis pulls back the curtain to reveals ways to create a stunning breakthrough resulting in more success, recognition, impact and contribution.

Keynote, Breakout Session. Perfect for business owners, corporate teams, experts, professional associations.


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