Rise above the product clutter and keep it simple.

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Up until about 10 years ago, if a product wasn’t available in your local area, or at best in a catalogue it was hard to find at all., making certain products more unique or valued. We all know those days are long gone. As it gets easier to create, find and sell almost anything, the marketplace becomes so overcrowded it’s mind boggling. In fact, it’s been proven that too many confusing choices can paralyze consumers. They want simple, specific solutions.

A few weeks ago I went to shop at Kohl’s department store. I was searching for a classic, solid colored nice looking, fitted t-shirt. What I found were racks and racks disorganized and overflowing with every possible type of big flowery print tops that looked like they belonged in the maternity department (that’s the style now and what were they thinking?). Several other women (all of us over 40) were commenting on the fact that they wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these tops. What I wouldn’t have given at that moment to see a nearby store that specialized in solid colored, simple t-shirts, shirts and sweaters! I suspect they would have been busy with people like me.

Want to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace? Keep it simple and focused. Pick a pressing need in a specific area of expertise and provide a stellar suite of solutions that works. Instead of providing a little of this and a little of that and trying to please everyone, dig deep and give your clients everything they need in your specific niche. This way people who want what you have will consider you the expert go-to person.

Identify the need or want.

You can do this by observing what people are searching for on the web when you do keyword research. You can keep a log of what prospects and clients ask for that you don’t currently provide. You can do a survey.

Plan a strategy to develop a series of products or services that provide solutions to different facets of this target client’s wants or needs. In the example above, my dream store wouldn’t sell just t-shirts, they would also sell other articles of clothing that had clean, simple lines. Now it’s a customer driven marketplace, so I simply need to do some web surfing and I will find what I want. But it would have been nicer to have it right there when I needed it.

Develop a strategy that will lead your client from an initial purchase into other purchases through building trust and by using up sells, coupons, and strategic marketing.

Rise above the confusing clutter by keeping is simple and going deep. You will create a loyal group of fans who will spread the word to other people who have the same need they do.

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