Overcome These 5 Success Blocks and It Will Change Everything

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Lots of people talk about turning their passion and purpose into a successful business, but often there is a disconnect that seems to prevent them from really realizing that dream. It’s easy to see what needs to change for someone else, but difficult to see what is blocking you.

Most of us share similar core desires. We want to live our purpose, find joy in our work, change the lives of others, create financial freedom and have the time to enjoy our lives. We want to be respected, sought out, influential. We want to have our boundaries respected and we want to be able to stand in our power and be paid what we’re worth. Finally we want to create and generate abundance and inspire love in others. Money is simply a tool that allows many of these desires to become reality.

If you are frustrated because what you want is not what you are experiencing, it’s often due to the interference of one or more of 5 internal success blocks. Every one is fear based and can stop you from really soaring. Everyone faces them. Awareness is the first step.

Once you work on breaking through these blocks amazing things start to happen. For example, the exact marketing strategies that were getting minimal results suddenly attract wonderful high paying clients. The product with low sales (even though it got great client results) suddenly starts to attract buyers. And those are just a few examples of the real results I’ve seen with clients. Why? Because overcoming these blocks reveals the authentic you, minus the fear. And it sets up free.

What are the 5 blocks and how can they show up in your business?

    1. Struggle

When you feel like you can’t achieve success without struggle it often shows up as feelings of overwhelm, like you always have too much to do and don’t know where to start. You may end working too much, and it feels like a grind with little fun or joy. You may have lots of unfinished projects and little to show for your hard work. And you may continue doing the same thing even though it’s not getting great results.

    1. Scarcity

So many people are held back by their relationship with money—the only remaining taboo subject. I had to work hard to overcome this block, but the results happen fast. When you suffer with this block you may find yourself often saying “I can’t afford it”, even when you know it’s something you need. Money worries may dominate your subconscious thoughts. You may carry debt and search for free or low cost solutions that still don’t help you. You may undercharge, thinking your clients “can’t afford more”.

This often results in fear of investing in your business or yourself and in not having a solid money map for your business. It’s a “not enough” mentality that is costing you big time.

    1. Skepticism

Being skeptical is often the result of having been burned in the past. The problem is that if you don’t start to trust again, you will always feel victimized by others. Skepticism can show up as fear you won’t get what you paid for, fear that you are getting “ripped off”, believing that nothing will really work, even an unwillingness to believe the legitimate success stories of others. It’s easy for skeptics to make excuses, blames others for their lack of progress.

Real transformation happens when you take 100% responsibility for your success!

    1. Self doubt

Did you ever feel shame about lack of progress in your business? Did you wonder if people will really pay you for your expertise? You’re not alone. It’s called Impostor syndrome and it’s quite common. The problem is that you are not acknowledging the life altering results you can help your clients achieve. If you are struggling with self doubt you may over deliver and under charge, costing you thousands in lost income. You may fear failing but also fear that if you succeed you will alienate family and friends.

It’s time to start listing all the ways you are valuable to others and all the ways you have been extraordinary in your life.

Operating from the fear space will always keep you small and wanting for more.

  1. Stamp of approval

Are you often worried about what others will think of you? Do you try to make everything perfect before you’ll put it out there? This is deathly if you want to create lots of videos, emails, promotional materials and content. And that’s the only way you can gain visibility and lots of great clients. People who struggle with this block often fear criticism of any kind, they rarely make fast decisions and they put approval above success.

Think about Oprah. Are there Oprah haters? Sure. Are there millions of people who admire her, learn from her and follow her? Yes. If you want to stand in your power and lead, then you have to get noticed. Not everyone will like you, but most will love you. This takes courage, but the payoff is huge.

In my next article I’ll share some daily steps you can take to start the process of transforming and releasing any of these that are holding you back from a booming business.

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