My Aha Breakthrough about Limiting Beliefs

Having been on a spiritual journey for some years, and knowing that owning a successful business is also about self growth, I am very aware that what we believe determines how we think, what actions we take and the results we get. Many people call this acquiring the entrepreneurial mindset.

I certainly understand how easy it is to slip into default in our daily, busy lives and to forget to work on expanding ourselves to a new level of consciousness. It’s easy to settle for where we are, even if it’s not where we really want to be. I think that we all go through cycles where we do this.

I also know from working with hundreds of talented business owners, that if we stay in that place we’re truly sabotaging our long term success because we’re not growing, and we’re not facing those hidden beliefs and fears that are holding us back and then working on changing them.

Recently I took a good, hard look at some situations in my life that were not quite as I wanted them to be. It seemed that I had achieved and received about 80% of the outcome I had hoped for but the other 20% eluded me.

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt—the missing 20% fell into an area where I had experienced doubt, where I had been feeling resistance and fear and even voicing concern to close friends and confidants. It wasn’t just chance that I had not gotten a 100% outcome. I had gotten the exact outcome from the Universe that I had asked for. The 20% I didn’t get was the part where I was literally and unconsciously saying “no, I don’t want that”.

Have you experienced this in your business or your personal life? No matter how hard you push or try, it seems like you’re on a very steep uphill climb. You’re working really hard but not getting the results you say you want. Here are 3 simple steps that will break the cycle.

  1. Write down specifically what’s not working.
  2. Then honestly ask yourself what you truly fear, believe or are resisting that is causing these unwanted results.
  3. Begin to work daily on becoming very aware of your fear or resistance around this issue and letting it go by affirming the opposite. Become aware where you may be clinging to your belief out of fear.

For example, if you fear that you will never make a generous and consistent income from your business, then no matter how hard you try, you won’t. I’ve seen this happen more times than you’d imagine to small or solo business owners who proclaim vehemently that they “can’t afford it”—“it” being something that is crucial to them growing their business. It could be anything from a professionally designed website to coaching or mentoring that they truly need. Whatever it is, they believe or fear they can never make enough money to justify investing in themselves, and the result they get is exactly that–not enough money, even though they have the expertise to create great success.

Try doing the 3 steps above and you won’t believe what starts to open up and be revealed.

My real “aha” moment was seeing that we can understand the concept that we need to change the way we think, but unless that concept has traveled the long road from our head to our heart, we haven’t really gotten it on a profound level. You can know what works in theory, but until you feel it deeply you will probably not take action to change it.
This is the reason that two smart women can learn the same business building strategies, and while one will jump on it and succeed in no time, the other will take months. The second wasn’t quite ready to make that journey from knowing what would work to feeling moved deeply to go after it.

I’ll be working on manifesting my missing 20%. What about you?

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