Manage Your Time-Work Less, Make More

Here’s the next video in my 7 Keys to Small Business Success series. #5 is Manage Your Time. I was well into my second business- a New York restaurant–before I realized how absolutely essential it was to learn to be really disciplined about how I used my time. When you need to be prepared to create a daily dining experience for very high profile clients each day, you have to be time-disciplined.

When you move from say, a corporate job into a home based business, its a shock when suddenly no one is setting deadlines, creating projects and monitoring your outcomes. Suddenly you are doing it all and if you don’t have clear profit-generating priorities that come from a clear, well developed plan, you’re left like a deer in the headlights trying to figure out what you should be doing each day.

Oh it’s easy to keep busy, checking e-mail, going to random networking events, doing Internet research, but you’ll quickly feel frustrated and like you’re spinning your wheels if you don’t set out the most important tasks and get them done each day!

I take all of my Platinum Coaching members through a wonderful Time Effectiveness System that immediately creates many “aha” moments as people see how some simple tweaks in the way they use their time can produce stellar results.

Enjoy the video!

Managing Your Time- 7 Keys to Small Business Success #5 from Janis Pettit on Vimeo.

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