Lots of Small Business Opportunity Right Now

I want to challenge you.  Even though the economy seems shaky, now is not the time to give into fear, to retreat and give up.

In the last week I’ve talked to business owners who were scared and as a result were making detrimental, even disastrous business decisions. You have a choice right now if you want to keep your business profitable.

Option #1: You can retreat by cutting expenses, reducing marketing and consulting expense or laying of employees if you have them. This approach seems safe but will keep you stuck with little or no growth and will create personal stress.


Option #2: you can become more focused and pro-active and get out of your comfort zone by trying new, creative marketing strategies, creating repeatable systems that work, and getting help from experts who can show you exactly what you need to be doing now.

After talking to a business owner for 10 minutes I can pretty much figure out which choice they’ll make. I can hear the fear and hesitancy in their voice if they’re choosing option #1, and the determination and optimism if they’re choosing option #2.

I’ve been through a few of these economic downturns and Option #2 will not only keep your business profitable, it will set you up for explosive growth moving forward.

In order to help you now, as much as possible, I’ve developed the

Breakthrough Crash Course Tele-Class Series

Over the next 4 months join me for any part of this series where I will cut to the chase and share with you the best strategies and tactics you can implement immediately to stay profitable now. No holds barred–I’ll be sharing what is working now for me and others whose businesses are continuing to profit.

This series starts off with a bang with the

Business Owner Super Conference,

where you can get access to 13 nationally known business experts at no cost. All you need to do is call in to the twice weekly tele-classes for the next six weeks.

Being proactive means taking action now. It’s so tempting to procrastinate or put things on the back burner. We all do it. But now is the time to work on changing this habit. So go check out these resources I’ve created for you now so you can keep getting the clients and revenue you need to grow.


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