Leverage Networking and Build Relationships at Live Events

Several times a year I pack up and fly out to attend a live business conference for entrepreneurs or online marketers.  I always get way more than I paid for. In spite of the undeniable advantages of using online social networking marketing, nothing can substitute for looking someone in the eye, shaking their hand and sharing a meal of cup of coffee. Nothing.

I just returned from attending Willie Crawford’s Birthday Bash Conference in Orlando. Willie is one of the most highly respected and successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the world. I consider him an online friend and was thrilled that he agreed to be a featured speaker at the Virtual Business Conference that I organized with Wendy Weiss last fall. Willie is a warm and generous person who has lived an extraordinary life.

At the event I finally met some friends that I had known online for years-people like marketing and book publishing expert Kathleen Gage, Internet marketing entrepreneur Mark Hendricks, and CNN videographer and Internet marketer Kevin Rockwell and several of my current online subscribers.  I also made some wonderful new friends, all of whom are successful Entrepreneurs, like E-bay expert Kevin “Mr. Ebay” Johnson, Social medial expert Dr. Ron Capp, communications and public speaking expert Felicia Slattery, Entrepreneurial marketing expert David Preston, Internet marketing and WordPress expert Ron Davies, millionaire Internet superstar Stephen Pierce and successful motivational speaker Sam “everyday is Saturday” Cowley. And that’s just a few of the wonderful people I connected with which will undoubtedly result in upcoming joint ventures and shared profits.

Me with Felicia Slattery and Susan Preston

 Me with Felicia Slattery and Susan Preston at in Orlando Florida.

I took pages of notes, some pictures and video and came away with many great ideas as well, since the speakers were very generous in sharing their knowledge, insight and success secrets. I had an opportunity to brainstorm with other successful Entrepreneurs and came away super charged and highly motivated to create new programs and products that will help my clients and online community experience faster business growth. I also made new friends and discussed opportunities for potential joint ventures, which hopefully will take shape over the next months.

 Internet millionaires Mark Hendricks and Willie Crawford. Mark is “roasting’ Willie at his birthday party. Nobody had a negative word to say about Willie.

The same kind of connections can be attributed to attendance at good local networking events, where I’ve become well connected in my local business community. There is no substitute for carving out some time to attend live events on a regular basis. Look at them as an investment, not an expense.

Me with Bob

 With Internet Entrepreneur and fellow NC resident,
Bob “the teacher” Jenkins

Since working in a home-based business can be isolating, live events give each of us a unique opportunity to bounce ideas off respected peers and learn new strategies from them. Plus it’s just fun to be with people that talk the same language you do! I’ll let you know which events I’m planning to attend and maybe we’ll get to shake hands and share a meal or exchange of ideas.

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  • Kathleen Gage
    Posted at 23:04h, 08 April Reply

    Very nice post Janis. I agree, live events
    are very beneficial in many ways

    I really enjoyed “hanging out” with you and
    other friends and colleagues.

    We’ll have to do it again soon.

    Kathleen Gage
    The Street Smarts Marketer

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