Last weekend will change my business

I just returned from San Diego where I was asked to part of an expert panel for Ken McArthur’s Impact Event. I felt very honored to share the platform with super entrepreneurs like Mark Joyner, Frank Sousa, Trevor Crook, Mari Smith, Nick Nanton and Adam Urbanski among others.

Me with Adam Urbanski

Hanging out with Mari Smith

Ken McArthur and me

Trevor Crook-one of the world’s best copywriters

Mke Wesely-owner of Article Cartel – like the hats?

Yes I’m the short one in every photo!

This is, bar none, the best event I have attended. The group was small and a good percentage of them were already 7-figure earners which meant everyone there was super serious about their business.  What I learned was high level and truly deep.

Not only did I come away with copious notes but more importantly, I came away with a clear plan for the changes I needed to make now to get my business to a whole new level.

And the relationships I formed are priceless. New joint ventures were created. I found a whole new outsourcing team and new ways to generate massive traffic. As people offered their wisdom and advice freely, I did the same with some of the attendees. Internet Entrepreneurs are an incredibly talented, creative and generous group, and the fact that Ken McArthur has a heart of gold meant he attracted people who were the same.

Not only did I get clear about how I can dramatically grow my business in the next 12 months, I also got clear about how I could instantly double the value I’m giving my clients….and all of this in just 4 days!

There is nothing like a live event to hit the fast forward button on your business and to re-energize and motivate you in a big way.

That’s why I’m spending so much time and effort planning the Radiant Success Event. My partners and I are making this a content packed business transforming experience that will have the same impact on you that last weekend’s event had on me.

Are you coming?  Learn more here: Radiant Success Event.

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