Is Lack of Promotion Blocking Your Success?

woman marketingOne thing you may not have realized when you started a business is that you are not just in the business of whatever it is you do. Nope. That is only one part of running a money generating business. You are also in the business of marketing and sales. In fact for most successful small business owners, this is what they spend at least 50% of their time planning and implementing.

I regularly see smart women with a high level of expertise and drive stymied by their lackluster income. And almost always, the reason is lack of promotion. So why would you hesitate to shout from the rooftops about the wonderful ways in which you can serve and help your clients?

Here are the most common reasons. Some of them are fear based and if you honestly assess what’s going on, you can certainly change it. In fact increasing your promotion may be the secret to unlocking your success.

    1. You’re not sure what will work. You’ve tried some marketing ideas but they haven’t really paid off so you feel gun shy about trying more.

We’ve all tried something that has failed. It’s part of the entrepreneurial experience. But you simply need to learn from it and move on. The truth is that you may need to really master a marketing strategy that works, while also looking at why something hasn’t worked for you. Sometimes you have the right strategy but you’re just not reaching enough people. Sometimes you may reach lots of people but with the wrong product. If you haven’t worked with a successful coach or mentor you may be doing what I call random acts of marketing, but without a step by step proven system.

    1. You don’t want to seem sleazy or pushy.

This is a common reason. As women we are taught to be nice, to be humble and accommodating. These are wonderful qualities and you don’t need to give them up to promote your business. You just have to keep them in balance. Promotion is simply about talking passionately about what you do and what you offer that gets results. You can do this through your blog, in social media, in emails or on your website, live or anywhere you find people in your target market. Promote by answering important questions your prospects have, offering free advice, providing good content that positions you as a go-to expert.

    1. You’ve been taught that it’s rude to talk about yourself and you’re afraid of offending

For women particularly this is a serious issue. Many of us were brought up to be “nice girls”. We were taught to be modest, not brag, to be non-assertive, even passive. So we have bought into this subconscious but powerful belief that promotion is doing just that,  and it manifests as real fear and discomfort when it’s time to step into the spotlight, to ask people to follow us, listen to us, attend our teleclasses or webinars, subscribe to your list or buy from us.

This belief will leave you stuck making every excuse in the world for not promoting your business, which will leave you hiding your true gifts.

      1. Bring awareness to this belief.
      2. Ask yourself if it’s really true that if you share your message you’re bragging or being aggressive
      3. Affirm that you can only help more people if you share your message with as many people as possible
      4. Do it even if it’s scary.

Next, create a well planned, multi-pronged promotional campaign for each product and service you offer. Just a few emails and tweets won’t get you great results.

It’s crucial that you take action and promote every week. When you skip weeks or months your business starts to dry up and fade away. I’m not talking about hammering people over the head with sales offers. That doesn’t work. But plan a series of educational events like tele-classes, online conferences, webinars, videos, blog posts and email series that build curiosity and interest in your product or programs while offering true value to your prospects or subscribers at the same time.

To get started,

      • Create a marketing calendar. I use Google calendars.
      • Plan one to two promotions each month. These could be with joint venture partners as well.
      • Then add what you will do weekly to move more people from other sources such as social media onto your subscriber list and attract and engage with more social media followers.
      • Work on building your social media following each week.

Try this for one month and you will start to see results. Won’t that feel great!

  • racing sponsorship
    Posted at 21:53h, 06 September Reply

    Some of them are fear based and if you honestly assess what’s going on, you can certainly change it.

  • Cole Wiebe
    Posted at 14:13h, 19 September Reply

    Hi Janis,

    I enjoyed your post. I was reminded of a client that didn’t want to appear sleazy or pushy.

    One of our clients asked us to remove the call to action forms from the bottom of each service page of their fishing lodge website. They had received a complaint that asking them to fill in a request was “pushy” and “extremely offensive”.

    I believed they were very tasteful. On a page that offered float plane sightseeing excursions, we would put the photo of one of the pilots, with text asking the visitor if the pilot could provide additional information. On a page that featured dining, we put a photo of the head chef, with a short 3-field form asking if the visitor had any questions concerning the menu or ingredients. I argued for keeping the forms and was reminded that he paid the bills. The “offensive” forms had to go, and before the end of the day.

    Within two weeks I received a call from the now very irate owner about the 60+ emails they used to get every day, that had simply evaporated. “Yeah, about that… ” I had to remind him of the forms that had generated roughly 1,800 email requests each month, that converted to approximately 20 new bookings.

    If we are to provide products and services customers enjoy, and will be very happy they invested in, we will occasionally offend someone when we let the public know about them.

    – Cole

  • Emenike Emmanuel
    Posted at 23:52h, 12 June Reply

    Promoting myself and my blog has been my biggest challenge but thanks for your honest advice. I promise to apply as much as I can. Thank you Janis

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