Is Fear of Technology holding you back?

I constantly get contacted by clients, subscribers and people seeking coaching who have a fear of technology and it’s preventing them from moving their business forward.If you’re under 35 this is probably not an issue, because you grew up with technology and it’s in your blood. If you’re over 35 read on.

The reason so many small business websites are not very good is not just because it may have not been designed by someone proficient in web design. It is just as likely that the business owner only put up a website because they realized they couldn’t really have a business without one. It’s like not having any business cards.

A static, boring, non productive website is just one casualty of the technophobic. The list of business building tools you’re missing out on may be daunting. Here is a random list of technology tasks and tools you may be avoiding but which may be crucial to your business growth.

  • An autoresponder, with an opt-in mailing list and an opt-in form on your webpages
  • A database software program to keep all of your business network contact information organized and easily accessible
  • Scheduling software or an online calendar for your clients to schedule appointments with you or to share your schedule with employees
  • Social networking-using the amazingly powerful, mostly free online marketing social networking websites, ¬†groups, and tools that are a must today if you want an increasing stream of interested leads and an ever expanding network and reputation.
  • A shopping cart on your website
  • An understanding of how to use your website’s control panel to track and analyze traffic to your website.
  • Simple time saving technical knowledge, like how to organize your e-mails in Outlook, or how to make simple changes to your business website
  • How to upload and edit photos
  • How to upload or even create simple videos
  • How to scan and file documents to decrease paper clutter
  • How to use Quickbooks
  • How to convert documents to PDF format
  • How to do keyword research.

These are just a few of the real life tasks that people have told me they have no idea how to do and are scared to death of learning.

Well I want you to hear this—your fear is much worse than the learning process. Mastering any technology is simply a matter of learning a series of steps. After you do it once or twice it’s a breeze. Honest. I promise. If I can learn it so can you.

Every day, think about how technology could make your life easier and your business stronger. Then take a deep breath and have the courage to find someone to teach you what you need to learn.

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  • LeslieB
    Posted at 18:42h, 10 June Reply

    Hi, unfortunately I am ashamed to say, that many of the points in your list fit me like a glove. I am a 75 year old Pensioner, but despite a background of over 35 years in the computer business, I have ground to a halt in my Internet marketing efforts. I am ashamed to say that I have sold 1 eBooks in over 3 years of trying to sell eBooks via the Internet. I find this to be very frustrating for despite having 4 sites, spending large sums of money over the years and purchasing a number of different training by !Garus!????and accumulating many thousands of eBooks, that I can only see myself going backwards at a hell of a rate of knots.

    I have spent a substantial amount of time in teaching small/home based businesses to plan the creation of products/ new designs from concept through to sales release of new ideas and have the plan to provide a membership site teaching Project Management for the small / micro business. I just spotted the line below that says “Could you be in the wrong business?” I ask myself that every day!

    This is my first visit to your site and what I have seen sofar impresses me.

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