Is Dreaming Big Hurting Your Business?

The title of this article may have caught you off guard—since I always encourage people to THINK and DREAM BIG. Lately though, I’ve had an opportunity to speak to dozens of small and solo business owners who were interested in enrolling in one of my coaching programs. I was surprised at how many people have a big dream, expert knowledge and experience, but even thought they work hard they’ve spent months or even years stalled and the dream has never gotten close to becoming reality.

If you’re in this situation the effect on you is that you can easily become discouraged and start to believe that the dream is an impossible one. That leads to lack of motivation or becoming stuck.

What we’ve been taught to believe is that if you have a dream you simply have to follow this 3-step formula

  • Set goals
  • Take Action
  • Get the results you want

Unfortunately this formula is missing some crucial stumbling blocks. Because it’s WHAT actions you take that determine the outcome you get, and the actions you take are determined by three factors:

  1. Your underlying beliefs, thoughts and level of confidence—in other words having an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Whether you have a healthy mindset and relationship around money
  3. Knowing what to do that will work–in other words, which specific proven strategies and action steps will actually get you the results you want

Sadly I often see people who talk to me passionately about their dream, but when we start digging to see what’s happening in their business, what their challenges are and why they are stuck, what often emerges is that the marketing message and branding is not working, and that there is no real profitable business model in place, that they simply do not have an entrepreneurial mindset. If your website is outdated, ineffective and not getting any traffic; if you are not promoting your business enough or are unsure how and where to find the clients you need to dramatically increase your income; if your marketing systems and business structure have never been developed because you just didn’t know how to do so, then how can keep growing? After all, how can you do what you don’t know how to do?

When you do what you know but it’s not working; when you work hard but are still barely getting by, then the dream starts to hurt. It starts to seem like a lost possibility. What saddens me is when I see that people gradually start running their business based on a belief that they can’t make the money they deserve. And it becomes a “catch 22”. Saying “I can’t afford to invest in my business” becomes a mantra that comes from fear and keeps you stuck exactly where you are—doing what’s not working. Because it stops you from getting the help you need to breakthrough your personal roadblocks and learn the step-by-step skills and strategies that will make your dream a reality.

Thinking big and having a big dream only work when you want it so badly that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. In many cases the reason behind the dream is the desire for financial freedom, the passion for doing what you love and the desire to be of service. How strong is your passion? Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and try a new approach?

Here are some important and tough questions to ask yourself so you can begin to turn things around:

  • Do you truly believe you can make the kind of money that will create a lucrative lifestyle business? If the answer is no, then ask yourself why you believe this?
  • Are you charging what you’re worth or simply selling time for dollars?
  • If you kept doing what you’re doing now, would you be any closer to the dream in six months? If not, what needs to change?
  • Do you have a big, but realistic dollar-for-dollar written plan for exactly how you will create a six-figure income?
  • What  action could you take today to get a new client?

Your business depends on your honesty in answering these questions. And so does your dream. So take the plunge. Don’t settle for stagnation. Don’t let thinking big hurt when thinking big combined with the right action steps can transform your dream into your everyday life.

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