Is Delayed Decision Making Keeping You Stuck?

Quite often I see people agonizing over the smallest decisions in their business, like whether to post a tweet or article, what to change on a webpage, whether to offer a new product, or a hundred other small decisions, and the result is a kind of stalemate. Nothing moves forward. As a recovering perfectionist I understand why this happens and how counterproductive it can be.

We all want to make a good impression and help people in the best way possible with our work. But when we become paralyzed and afraid to put our marketing materials, ideas and products out there because we’re spending days perfecting them, something needs to change.

Or when you know in your heart that you need expert help in order to increase your income, but you’re delaying the decision to get it because you’re afraid to invest in yourself or your business. Perhaps you’re waiting until someone guarantees you results. Since results depend on you, this simply becomes a stalling tactic.

When I started my coaching business nine years ago, I did plenty of stalling because I wasn’t quite sure how to build the business I wanted. Delayed decisions are always caused by fear and uncertainty. What if no one buys? What if I invest in learning and don’t get the results I expected? The truth is that the fear is much worse than the reality. If you delay acting you will get no result. If you don’t learn what you need to succeed you’ll stay stuck. At least if you act, there is a good chance you’ll make much faster progress in your business.

No one of us is perfect. However you have a gift, talent or special knowledge and people need your help. In fact in most cases, even if it’s not perfect, they’re willing to pay you for it because in fact, it never will be. You still need to step out there right now and offer it. And when it comes to delaying taking the actions that will move you forward in your business, you need to ask yourself, what will happen if you don’t take action? I’ll tell you what will happen. You’ll stay exactly where you are now.

One of the biggest roadblocks standing between you and success is learning to take fast action. Every day. Every week. The more action you take to get new leads, subscribers, joint venture partners, and clients in your business, the more successful you’ll become. Become a chronic fast action taker.

Here are a few tips that might help you.

  • Set deadlines for each task and progress that you know could get you more clients.
  • Monitor yourself each month to see if you are meeting your deadlines and if you’re not ask yourself why?
  • Get a coach or accountability buddy who will hold you accountable to meet your deadlines.
  • Make a list of actions you’re taking that are not getting you the results you want and set a deadline for finding expert help.
  • Move outside your comfort zone.
    o Call a lead and speak to them about how you can help them.
    o Plan to go to a conference where you can learn and meet new people.
    o Find new places where you can go and speak to targeted groups about your topic.

Try making a commitment to make fast decisions even if it’s a bit uncomfortable at first. Take a deep breath. Be brave and feel free to go for it!

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