Internet “gurus”-learning to see through the hype

There are a few Internet “gurus” who I really respect. They are generous human beings who truly care about offering really valuable information and content that the average business owner can comprehend.

Unfortunately many others are simply in the business of writing compelling sales copy that is crafted to convince you that only they have the new secret e-book or program that will help you skip all the hard work and will take you to thousands of dollars a month in just a few weeks.

Today I read a sales page that put down all the top Internet marketers for smokescreening everyone. Then the sales page went on to promote a program that would make the buyer thousands in the first month through the same old methods like products with re-sell licenses, private label rights products and re-packaging and selling material that is no longer in the public domain.

These marketing pitches can be hypnotic and distracting to anyone hungering for knowledge about marketing online as they try to build their small business. Don’t fall into the trap.  Yes you need to learn the basics of how to market online and which marketing activities are really going to create results in your niche and industry. Then you need to spend your time implementing those marketing activities relentlessly rather than looking for the next idea.

There needs to be a balance between learning, keeping up with trends and working on your business. My suggestion–set aside a small block of time each week to learn and don’t fall prey to following every link that comes through your inbox the rest of the week.

Create an e-mail folder called “check this out” and put all the stuff you want to check out in that folder until the allotted time.

This will save you a ton of time, a lot of frustration and confusion and will open up more time for you to focus on building your business.

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