Increase Sales by Giving Them What They Want

When people ask me how they can increase sales or convert more leads to buyers, the 5 questions I ask them are.

  1. what, and how are you trying to sell?
  2. what is the biggest benefit people get from purchasing this product?
  3. what marketing message are you using to compel them to take action?
  4. how do you know they need this product?
  5. what is your target market?

From the answers they give me I can usually figure out  exactly what’s not working and how to fix it. Converting prospects to buyers is not that hard if you are targeting a market that is:

  • hungry for what you’re offering
  • willing and able to pay for it
  • fairly easy to reach

and you are offering them a specific solution to a specific challenge or problem or fulfilling a burning want (more shoes anyone!)

Many people create products that they believe in and that they are convinced others will want. Since they are passionate about their product or service, they are very frustrated and disappointed if sales are slow .The process of product creation needs to happen in reverse.

First you reasearch and discover what your market needs and wants, then develop a product that fills that need and offer it to them.

You can discover what people want by doing surveys, by researching what your top, successful competitors are offering, by going to Amazonand seeing what the top selling books are in your market, or by doing keyword research.

Customers are looking for very specific solutions to their problems and if you can provide it your sales will increase and your struggle will decrease.

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