Increase Results with These Powerful Mindset Shifts

You often hear people talking about the Millionaire Mindset and how developing one can alter the course of your business. I believe that’s true and I’ve seen it in action. But some people object, saying that making a million dollars isn’t the reason they started their business. Well it’s really not about whether you want to make $100,000 or millions. Millionaire mindset is just a way for you to grasp the concept of having a way of thinking that is so powerful, joyful and honest that it’s worth a million bucks.

Last night I watched a movie that brought back with full emotional impact a very painful time in my life. It was like watching my life story replay itself on the TV screen. It touched me in a deep emotional place that reminded me clearly what put me on a spiritual journey to profound inner growth. It also reminded me of how far I’d come–from being unsure and lacking in confidence to being able to tap into my inner power in a way that has allowed me to achieve many of my dreams and help hundreds of others in a big way.

The moment you tap into the emotional core where your deepest desires and dreams are stored and you make a true resolution to do what it takes to turn that desire or dream into reality, you’ve begun building a millionaire mindset. Every time you waver you only need to return to that place that touches you deeply and renew your resolve.

Then you need to uncover whether you truly believe you can make your goal a reality. Do you have an inner knowing that you can have a successful business, a great lifestyle, financial freedom? Or do you have doubts? We all have doubts and fears form time to time, but learning to recognize them for the mental clutter they are and learning to act anyway knowing that they aren’t true is part of that millionaire mindset.

Take a few moments to reflect on each of these mindset jewels and see if you can be honest about where you need to change the way you think.

Believe you can make your dreams a reality

If there is a nagging voice that says, “why even try, you know it won’t work” then you may need to question why you’re putting yourself down. Just wanting something badly and visualizing it will not make it so if you don’t take the right action. If you don’t believe you can turn that dream into reality, you will act accordingly. You also need to feel sure that what you’re doing is truly what you want to do—not what someone else thinks you should do. I often ask new clients this: if you had several million dollars would you still be doing what you’re doing? If the answer is, “yes. I’m passionate about it”, then you’re on the right track.

Come from a place of love, not lack

Successful entrepreneurs who are also happy and well respected are excited about their work and they love helping their clients—in fact they help them with love. At the same time, they don’t enable their clients but hold them to their commitment to reach their goals.

People that are afraid that they won’t ever have enough clients or that they need to siphon clients from their competitors usually struggle to launch and flourish. This is a lack mindset rather than a mindset of abundance and it affects everything you do. When I hear people say that they need help but can’t afford to get it, or that they need to spend money on marketing or technology to grow their business but have no money to spend, I know that they are scared to believe and invest in themselves. Why would clients flock to someone who doesn’t believe and trust in themselves and in the decisions they make? Would you invest in working with someone that never spent a penny to improve themselves or their knowledge?

This is about loving yourself enough to willingly pay for the help and resources you need because you are determined to do whatever it will take to do what you were meant to do in the world.

Stay detached

Stay detached from your failures and successes. You will experience failures in your business—marketing that doesn’t work, products that don’t sell, ideas that go no where. Having a millionaire mindset means you analyze what went wrong, and start over without letting it stop you cold. Stay detached from your successes as well. When you succeed you can feel good while realizing that it’s just one step in an ongoing journey. Detachment means you are calm and peaceful, not on a roller coaster ride with each success or failure. It doesn’t mean you are lacking in caring or compassion.

Surround yourself with the right people

Surround yourself with people who believe in you but won’t judge you. These are the people you can go to for advice and trust they have no personal agenda. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be so you can observe and learn from them. Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable and who will celebrate your victories with you. Consider working with a small business coach or mentor. This will help you overcome negative and defeating thoughts and habits that could hold you back.

Look each day at the actions you take. They will tell you what you’re thinking. Renew your determination and resolve to improve each day and your business will flourish.

  • Nancy Swan
    Posted at 09:23h, 01 May Reply

    Thank you for the inspiring words.

  • Lori Paquette
    Posted at 13:53h, 17 June Reply

    Janis, this message is very timely for me. Great advice about staying detached from failures and surrounding ourselves with the right people. The judgment is harsh, especially when it’s coming from me. I’m working with people now who are helping me with the mindset shifts and giving me the right tools to open myself up to accepting abundance in my life.

    Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing.

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