How to Use Video to Increase Sales

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old and familiar saying. Now that’s truer than ever. Online video has exploded and it’s given you an unprecedented opportunity to quickly get you, your brand and your business more exposure, new leads and new sales.Some small business owners hesitate to get on the video bandwagon because they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, they fear the technology involved or they don’t want their business videos broadcast on You Tube. Not to worry.

You don’t have to be the on-camera person. You can let someone else who is comfortable talk about your business. Or you can have someone stand behind the camera and interview you. I took this approach once when I was doing a TV segment with someone who was camera shy. Once I got them talking about their passion, they lit up simply answering my questions.

You can also use photos and power point slides, add a royalty free music track and voila, you have a great video. If you want to outsource this there are plenty of people who can do it for you. My friend Online Video Branding Expert Lou Bortone performs this service for lots of businesses. You can also find people locally or by finding a freelancer at It’s easier and less expensive though to simply buy a Flip camera for around $150 and try your hand at this at home or in the office.

Once you’ve got a simple 2-minute video, post it on your home page on your product pages and you’ve actually created an opportunity for your website visitor to meet you, hear what you have to say and feel a connection with you. In your video you can:

  • ask people to opt-in to your mailing list
  • ask people to purchase or download something
  • educate them about your product or service
  • answer frequently asked questions
  • create curiosity about your product
  • talk to them about the results you are able to get with clients
  • do a “benefits” video where you tell them all of the wonderful benefits they’d have if they opt-in or buy

That’s just a few of the ways that, in 2 to 3 minutes, you can connect with a potential client in a way you never could through simple written content. Think about this–it is much more interesting and entertaining to watch a video than to read a web page.The other option is for you to create a video that is either entertaining or educational (how to) and to post it on the popular video sites. Then start telling people about it and ask them to bookmark it when they watch it so its popularity spreads like a virus. Embed the same video on your website, link to it on your blog or in your e-mails. Create some interest and it will drive targeted traffic to your web pages.

A great way to make creating these viral videos into an easy repeatable system is to write articles for submission to article directories and then record those same articles as a video. Post the article with the video to your blog as well. This way you can leverage your work.

It’s time to learn what you need to know to make video a powerful marketing tool for your small business.

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    Those were some great tips. I have never used a
    video to promote my business but I am going to
    give it a try and follow your tips as well.

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