How to know when an opportunity is right

Recently I’ve been asked to play a significant role in one of several very promising business opportunities. It seemed very promising and I’ve devoted a good bit of time to it in the last two months. But the key player in this venture has some personal problems which are creating an atmosphere of chaos and could result in loosing a rare chance to enter the marketplace with a much needed product and no competition. My instincts are beginning to cry out loud and clear that this may not be the road to take for me, since I value professionalism, collaboration, follow through and fun and none of those values are currently being honored in this situation.

As small business owners, we all face decisions as to which road to take when more than one promising choice presents itself. Should I take this sales workshop, buy this business book, develop this new product, partner with this person, pursue this marketing activity, join this organization, move into an office, open a second store, etc?

More and more I’m learning to listen to my inner voice. When I get an unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think of a particular situation or circumstance, I need to pay attention. I also understand what I value in my daily life and in my work life and if a business alliance or opportunity will put me at odds with those values, I’d better think carefully about whether it’s worth pursuing.


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