How to Create an In-Demand Information Product in 30 Days

It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you have, you can create a downloadable information product in 30 days or less. Information products are in demand, and you can use them in multiple ways. Here are just a few:

  • as a giveaway for people who opt-in to your e-mail or newsletter list
  • as a lead-in product to a sale – you giveaway the product or sell it at a low price then up-sell people on a more expensive product
  • as an educational tool to build your reputation as an expert
  • as a giveaway, but with links embedded to your website sales pages
  • use a giveaway video to create curiosity about a new product or service
  • to build buzz about your business

No matter what you do you have knowledge or expertise that others want, otherwise you wouldn’t have a business. Some of that knowledge can be turned into an information product quite easily.

  • First you’ll need to create simple outline. You could tart with a list of 10 tips, ways, secrets, or mistakes people make on your topic. An example would be “10 Ways to Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time”. This could become the title of your product. If you can expand to 20 or 30 ways—even better.
  • Another idea is take a system that you currently use in your business and write it out so you can sell it to others. If you’re unsure what people will buy, use the Google Keyword Research tool to discover what information people are currently searching for in your area of expertise.
  • Write several paragraphs under each tip, or under each process in the system, explaining it in much more detail.
  • Check to see if you have already created content on this subject that you can re-use and include.
  • Decide on the best format for your product:
    ~ e-book or report,
    ~ audios,
    ~ videos,
    ~ autoresponder series (where buyers get a sequence of lessons or chapters over time)
  • Include examples, and if it will be an e-book or report, include some photos. You can purchase great photos inexpensively at
  • If it’s a video, consider making one video for each tip and making it into a series
  • If its an audio, keep in mind that you could easily make it into a CD. People love physical products.
  • Finally you’ll need a cover graphic. This will not only be used as a cover but as a product graphic on your sales page. There are many freelancers at places like that will create product graphics at a very reasonable price.

If you already have a “library” of articles, blog posts, scripts and other written material, comb through it to see what you could pull out to create a new product. Recently I pulled all of the articles and blog posts I’d every written that were “how to’s” and edited them to create an 83 page e-book on just one day.

Don’t let one more month go by thinking and wishing you had some profitable products when you can put one together in a month or less.

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