How One Live Event Changed My Business

Several years ago I decided to attend my first live small business networking conference. I’d been hearing about them for a while, and was always drawn to some of the top level speakers. Plus I’m a people person and love connecting eye-to-eye.

So I registered for the Warrior Forum conference. The Warrior Forum is the largest online forum for Internet Entrepreneurs and it’s got a wealth of information and resources. I didn’t know what to expect but I packed my bags and headed to Austin Texas for what I hoped would be a worthwhile three days.

After just one hour on the first day I knew that I’d be getting much more than I had anticipated. The learning was intense and the speakers top notch—in fact they were some of the most successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the country. The networking was powerful in that I got to meet some of the people who had taught me much of what I knew about online marketing—mentors who were not only phenomenally successful, but who were more than willing to share their knowledge, insights and strategies.

Oh, and did I mention the networking?  Sharing meals and forming new business relationships and joint venture ideas was one of the true highlights of the weekend. In fact the time I spent there was so exhilarating, fun, motivating and jam packed with activities that I needed a few days when I returned home to recover! And I must say that the information and motivation I came away with was the beginning of a huge breakthrough in my business. It became clear what had to change for me to reach my goals. The year that followed was my best year yet.

The relationships that began at my first event have continued to grow. This year I was invited to be one of the presenters at the Warrior Forum conference and I was able to deepen some wonderful relationships and make new connections. In fact since that first event I’ve attended a handful of other stellar events and I now regularly plan to attend around three live events per year.

Next week I’ll be an expert panelist at Ken McArthur’s Impact Event in San Diego and I’m really looking forward to meeting some fellow Entrepreneurs I’ve known online but never met. Plus the networking will again be priceless.

Absolutely nothing can lay the foundation of a valuable business relationship like meeting someone face-to-face, sharing a meal, getting to know each other.

That is why this year I decided to get outside my comfort zone and plan my own event. I wanted this to be the first time an all women platform addressed the specific issues women face in growing a business that works with their lifestyle and in mastering marketing. Not that men aren’t welcome-they certainly are! So I asked four of my most trusted colleagues and highly successful Entrepreneurs to join me in the planning of this event. Denise Wakeman, Kathleen Gage, Ellen Britt and Marnie Pehrson happily accepted and I knew we had a stellar team that would offer deep insights, cutting edge strategies and who would share their knowledge with attendees in a generous way so that each person has what they need to create a joyful business and a 6-figure income.

The Radiant Success Event will take place May 20th-23rd in Raleigh NC. We’re thrilled to see new people registering every day. Many of them have contacted us to tell us how excited they are to be able to mingle with us and all the other powerful business owners who will be attending. I expect that everyone will come away as pumped up as I was after my first event.

If you’d like to learn more or to register at the early registration price while it’s still available, go to

I’d love to shake your hand here in Raleigh and help you have a breakthrough year!

  • Ken McArthur
    Posted at 20:06h, 11 March Reply

    Hey Janis,

    It will be great to see you at the Impact Event San Diego.

    I couldn’t agree more … people are the secret sauce that make success possible and the people who come to the Impact Event are amazing.

    You can’t do better than to be at ANY live event.

    I’m thrilled you are coming to mine!

    All the best,


  • Latanza
    Posted at 14:10h, 05 October Reply

    Justin,Thanks for the motivational meagsse!Unfortunately, I have a second hard drive completely filled with stuff that I just HAD to have. Obviously, I too have been afflicted with shiny object syndrome.One of the things that has kept me from moving forward as much as I would like is my reluctance to forget about all of the money I’ve spent on these products. While working on a product I have a hard time ridding myself of the feeling that, since I spent XXX bucks on something, I have an obligation to try to fit that idea into my plan. As a result, I find myself trying to develop a plan that integrates eight different techniques with six different plugins that draw traffic from eighteen different types of sites. I feel it’s related to the gambler’s need to chase losses with one more big bet to get healthy again.Instead, I need to force myself to cut my losses and concentrate on baby steps i.e. one simple task/project at a time.JimJIm Navary recently posted..

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