Getting Past Overwhelm in Your Business

As a business owner, do you ever feel paralyzed by all of the possible tasks you you think you should do each day? Clients often express frustration over which marketing activity to spend time pursuing, which business activity will produce the strongest results, or which of a hundred creative ideas to develop. I have also struggled with this dilemna. It took years of spending time on activities that didn’t move me forward before I came up with a system that works for me.

I start with my vision, goals and marketing plan. Then I plan priority activities to do each day which will directly affect the bottom line, keeping focused on following my very simple plan and focusing on the activities that are producing the strongest measured results. After that, a certain amount of time is devoted to working on creating new products, like my book, tapes etc. I really wish I had more time to devote to product development than I do, but at least I’m doing it a little at a time. I keep an idea folder for creative ideas for future products, but the key to avoiding “overwhelm” is that I only focus on three key activities or projects at a time. When those are completed, I dig into my idea folder and decide what’s next. This way I no longer feel compelled to pursue every great idea that pops into my head.

This approach keeps me fairly focused and has made a huge difference in increasing the pace at which my business has grown.

What’s your method for keeping on track and focused with your time? How do you keep to priorities? Could you share?

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