Some About Us Pages read like a boring resume. Written in the third person. You know…. Ms. Pettit did this and that.


I figured I’d just tell you a little about me- and why you might (or might not) want help from me and my amazing team. I’m not trying to impress you with my stellar background. But I know you’re here to find out “is this woman and her company something I should pay attention to, or not?” So here goes.


I live in Raleigh North Carolina. I have a beautiful daughter in her 20’s, a wonderful family and a ton of fun friends, many of whom are fellow dancers. You can find us dancing Ballroom, Latin or Swing most weekend evenings. I speak Italian and visit Italy often. If you’re going, let me know.


I made my unexpected show business debut on the Merv Griffin show at the tender age of 15. After completing my Master’s Degree, I worked as a professional New York performer on the New York stage, on TV and in touring companies, having the honor of being on set with people like Jane Fonda and President Gerald Ford. It was a tough business, and I learned lots about marketing and standing out in a highly competitive environment. During that time I was mentored by Maxine Marx (daughter of legendary comic and film star Chico Marx)

After some years, I made the decision to leave performing behind and follow in the family tradition of being an entrepreneur. I teamed up with a corporate trainer and we started a corporate consulting business in New York City offering public speaking and communications skills training to corporate executives, and also worked with attorneys coaching them on basic presentation techniques that helped them be more persuasive in court.

There’s a long story as to how this started but let’s cut to the chase. I didn’t have a clue how to build a business. I did know it was all about marketing because in show business, you are the product and there is gruesome competition. But we learned through trial and error, sheer determination, and some top notch mentors. Over time we built a roster of some impressive corporate clients.


What I Learned: Learn from people who have the success you want and keep going, even when you feel discouraged.


After selling that business, my next business was a highly acclaimed New York restaurant. My late husband, an accomplished chef from Italy and I grew that business to 7-figures in just a few years. After being mentioned in The Business Journal and The New York Times for creative marketing strategies I started to get calls from other restaurants asking for marketing help. Before I knew it I was back to consulting.

I also hosted my own cable TV business talk show during this time, interviewing movers and shakers in the business and arts community.

That resulted in many celebrity and high profile customers. I treated all my customers like honored guests, like they were entering my home for a dinner party and I was the host and they were like family. So whether it was Glenn Close, Paul Schaffer, Sonya Braga or the couple in the apartment down the street, you were treated like family.

What I Learned: Treat customers as if each one is special, that they matter, and that you appreciate that they chose you and they will come back again and again.


We wanted to move to a better climate which took us to Raleigh. Business #3 was a small publishing business, which I wasn’t passionate about. In 2001 I franchised and sold it. Finally in 2002 I founded my current consulting and marketing business to follow my passion to help other small business owners succeed in a way that impacted their lives, their families, their communities, and even the world.

What I Learned: Use your unique gifts in your business, the ones that make work seem like fun, and clients will be drawn to you. And most importantly your work will make a lasting impact.

Here’s the Official Stuff in case you’re interested

Janis received her Master of Arts degree from Hunter College in New York City. In Westchester, New York she was named one of “50 Women of Achievement Under 50” by the Business Journal, and was featured in the same publication for her creative small business marketing strategies. During this time she also hosted her own business cable talk show where she regularly interviewed prestigious members of the New York business and arts community.

She has been mentioned in the New York Times and is the author of numerous nationally and internationally published articles on small business growth, online and offline marketing, and is a contributor to the Amazon best-selling book, Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income. Her recently released book is The Client Multiplier Method. She has made numerous TV, and public speaking appearances, and has appeared as a guest on many podcasts.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Me and My Team


Actionable, proven strategies and approaches you can use in your business immediately – many for FREE
The free stuff will almost always leads to an offer for you to go deeper by working with us so you can get the best possible outcomes.
Our training and services will always accelerate your business growth, help you turn your passion into profits, and broadcast your message so it can be heard. We walk you step by step through the hard stuff you’re not sure how to do. We even do some of it for you!

We want you to be so happy with the free stuff that you say, “I really want to work with Janis!”

How Do You Know We Really Help People?




What Clients Says




We are a super efficient and creative virtual team that includes our collaborative partners. Without them I’d be pulling my hair out. We’ve been working together for some time and we’re a group of people who like and respect each other and want to do the best for our clients.