Get outside Your Comfort Zone and Take Risks: It’s the Only Way to Grow

business-risk-management-free-_10719731Part of what you signed on for when you started a small business was calculated risk-taking and moving outside your comfort zone. A client once asked when she’d get to the point where it would be easy and she could just operate her business on autopilot and just sort of float. When I told her never, she was shocked. Since change is the one constant in life, it’s the same in your business.

Although the right processes and systems can make you very successful, you need to keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zone if you want to grow. Think bigger, and then act bigger. If you’re not feeling just a bit of fear, you’re probably operating in your safe zone. But your safe zone will soon get boring and your business will stagnate.

Realizing this was truly an “aha” moment for me, as I can be a creature of habit. Once I understood the importance of going beyond what’s cozy and comfortable I vowed to do it each year and I keep that in mind when doing my yearly business planning. That has led me to take some bold actions that have literally doubled my income. So getting outside your comfort zone is a crucial business strategy. Just starting a business took courage so you just need to keep up your courage.

This is a good philosophy to apply to all aspects of your life. Getting outside of your money comfort zone is often another breakthrough process. If you start to feel comfortable making just enough to pay your bills or if you are afraid to invest in a coach, mentor or necessary training, taking that leap can change everything…and quickly.

Pushing the envelope a bit is really about living life to its fullest. You can get outside your comfort zone with relationships, food, exercise, travel or pretty much anything where you’ve settled into a rut or habit. It will put a bit of spice in your life and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Get started on this today. Make a list of goals or ideas you’ve dreamed of implementing in your business, but haven’t because you’re afraid. Then make each of them just a bit grander. Want to increase your income by 50% next year? How about doubling it! Do you want to get direct access to some highly successful people who could really help you? Plan a way to meet them in person at a live event or invite them to lunch if they’re local. Do you have a strong desire to write a book? What are you waiting for? Create a writing schedule and stick to it, even it it’s only 20 minutes a day.

First you commit to moving outside your comfort zone. Next decide what that will mean and what specific goals you’ll achieve. Then create a plan and most importantly you ACT on it as soon as possible. Just imagine what your business and your life will look like a year from now if start on this today.

  • Alan Hickman
    Posted at 16:48h, 20 July Reply

    Hi Janis – I love your unique leadership style. I just watched a short interview on one of the cable TV stations about how so many people who are unemployed are being forced to move out of their comfort zone of working for a corporation and actually discovering what they love to do and starting to do what they love instead of looking for another JOB.

    Attractively, with LOVE and GRATITUDE,
    Alan Hickman

    • Janis Pettit
      Posted at 06:39h, 23 July Reply

      Thanks for your comment Alan. There are so many talented people desperately searching for a job when they have the courage and determination necessary to succeed in their own business. Of course I’m prejudiced. I can’t imagine working for someone else when it’s such a joy to be an entrepreneur.


  • Monica Strobel
    Posted at 17:25h, 21 July Reply

    Janis– I love your tell-it-like-it-is philosophy. I’m jumping outside my comfort zone and it’s good to know that that is partially the goal (repeatedly getting uncomfortable) no matter how long I’m going this solo entrepreneur path. You live it yourself, which is even better. Thanks for sharing your insights and expertise!

  • med K
    Posted at 06:12h, 31 October Reply

    truly inspirational ! comfort zone is actually a rut in the process of growth. courage is important to cross your comfort zone. it is surely hard thing to do. in fact in the first time it would look impossible . in my own experience there so much fun doing scary thing with out being sure your are going to be okay! yeah..there is no way you can cross your comfort zone with out feeling the worst anxiety and dread , that is were the fun is .

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