Filling the Client Funnel

Marketing Sales or Conversion FunnelFor almost every small or solo business owner I’ve worked with as a coach, how to keep a steady stream of clients rolling into their business is the main challenge . But not for all.
Some businesses seem to soar quickly. They seem to have a secret that everyone wants to know. They call me because they are growing so fast they need me to help them put the automated systems in place that will reduce their workload and give them their life back. This is not a bad problem to have!

The businesses that have a flood of clients with seemingly little effort actually have a lot in common because they have several or most of the following factors in place.  Any of these can be the key to astonishing business growth. Take a few of them together and the results are truly impressive. Here’s what they did:

  • Found an underserved niche with a group of hungry buyers
  • Found buyers who had money to spend and were willing to spend it
  • Found a niche where competition was minimal or manageable
  • Used a proven, well planned marketing strategy for connecting and selliers that worked again and again.
  • Developed compelling, benefit laden marketing message that educates and bulds trust.
  • Developed joint ventures and strategic alliances to dramatically increase sales
  • Uses a proven and well planned strategy to get repeat business.
  • Protect their time relentlessly
  • Outsourced simple tasks as soon as possible

As you can see, there is no real secret. Just smart strategy. Measure your business against this list and see what needs to change!

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