Facebook Can Be a Cash Cow for Businesses That Hate Marketing

cash cowIf you’re like many small business owners you may wonder what the secret is to getting lots of targeted website traffic. You may be paying for search engine optimization which can certainly help. But the problem is that it’s slow, you are not guaranteed results, and Google can change the rules at any time, catapulting your website way down in the search results.

But there is a much faster way to get targeted traffic to your website.  Facebook Ads.

Done right, they can generate more consistent targeted traffic than anything else online.

Facebook allows you to advertise to a highly customized audience that you create—defining the exact characteristics of the clients you’re seeking and showing your ads to only those people who fit your customer profile.

Once someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website, conversion pixels can take over and track that person’s actions and preferences, allowing you to keep in front of them with more targeted ads.

A pixel is a little piece of code you put on the web page you want people to visit.

For example, if we do a Facebook ad and ask people to go to your web page to download a report, we want them to fill out a contact form first.

Once they do that, they go to a thank you page. The pixel now lets us know they completed the form.

If they don’t complete the form, a pixel can tag them and put ads in front of them reminding them to grab your report.

Pixels now allow us to follow up with those people who have visited specific pages on your site, whether that’s an optin page, services or sales page. The key is that pixels allow you to put very targeted ads in front of people based on their behavior. And the target is highly engaged people who express interest in your type of service.

If you’d like to find out how Facebook ads can start sending a stream of new leads your way in days, email me here and let me know you’d like to set up a time to talk.

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