Don’t Fall for Follow-Up Failure

You spend endless hours prospecting, going to business networking events, speaking to groups, or making sales calls. Maybe you even purchase lead lists.A certain percentage of the prospects you connect with will become clients-maybe anywhere from 1% to 10%. But what about the other 90%?

You’ve put all that effort into contacting these potential leads and introducing them to your services. You wouldn’t have wasted the time if you didn’t think they fit into your target market. At this point, many small business owners move on to a new group and look for the next 10%, rather than developing a follow up system that will gradually warm up that lead list until many more buy.

A similar situation occurs when you do a trade show or speaking engagement. You get lots of business cards and then get so busy you forget to follow up, or you follow up weeks later when the lead has turned cold. I’ve seen this happen with many clients.

This is called Follow-Up Failure and what it means is that you have wasted 90% of your hard work!  Developing a follow-up system and automating it is vitally important, especially in this economy.

A strong follow-up system can mean the difference between a 10% sales conversion and perhaps as high as 50%. It can also mean that although you didn’t sell product A to these people, they may buy product B or service C down the road. In addition, they may become a referral source for you.

Establish a relationship of trust and prove to them you’re the go-to expert by maximizing your follow-up system and they may become big fans. Here are 5 ideas for your follow up system

  1. Ask them to opt-in to your newsletter
  2. Then send them a series of pre-loaded information packed e-mails or a mini e-course
  3. Hire someone to call each person and set up a “get to know you” phone conversation
  4. Invite them to a company event
  5. Send them a free report, e-book, video or white paper

I’ve had newsletter subscribers who have never spent a penny with my company refer clients to me and send new leads my way. Some of them have even become my affiliates and they sell my programs to their clients.

Up to 35 motivated business owners will be accepted into my upcoming Maximum Business Growth Coaching Incubator, and if you’re one of them you will learn how to create a follow up system that will have you turning what you thought were like cold leads into hot prospects.

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