Turn Your Brilliance into A Bold Business

All those years of professional experience, education and life experience have brought to you a wisdom and expertise that can help people and companies is a unique and valuable way.


Is it time to identify and release this brilliance, but you’re not sure how? Maybe you’re a seasoned expert, CEO, top professional, entrepreneur, speaker or corporate executive who is ready to turn your experience into a bold business that makes an impact.


Can you visualize yourself as a sought after speaker, author or a highly paid consultant or entrepreneur sharing your wisdom, experience and solutions with thousands?


Unfortunately many of us had the creative flow impeded or discouraged by our upbringing or our work environment. Yet when your brilliance is accessed and unleashed, people are attracted to you and your message like a magnet.


Turn Your Brilliance into a Bold Business using an innovative, creative process that pulls the hidden genius and real passion out of you to make your goals a concrete reality, and allows you to meet your potential for contribution and joy. The process includes:



Take a Deep Dive to identify where your unique combination of expertise, experience, skill set, gifts, passions and purpose intersect with a need in the marketplace. That’s your sweet spot where you’ll experience the most success and impact.



Create an authentic brand that communicates your unique brilliance and abilities and the results you can help others achieve in a way that grabs attention.
Pinpoint your communication style and how to best articulate what sets you apart. (Our assessment is amazing!)



Build a “Product Line”, including packages, programs and pricing that allow you to serve clients at different levels and price points so you can reach more people and maximize profits.




Step into the spotlight, broadcast your message and build your audience and status as a Sought-After Expert.
Social Media: Connect and build relationships with movers and shakers in your industry.
Stand Out: Create national exposure and national credibility.



Create the marketing infrastructure that will generate ideal clients without struggle.

Get quality clients quickly and consistently in your local market.



Close more sales with a comfortable “no selling” approach.

Generate more repeat business and referrals.

Packaging and pricing strategies to serve more clients, work less and make more.


Having helped hundreds of experts like you, this is something we know for sure. It’s a journey that rewards you richly. It’s not about being Better. It’s not about being Best. It’s about going beyond that to your unique Brilliance.

Need Help Growing Your Consulting Business?

Let’s talk. You’ll leave with Specific Strategies that you can begin implementing right away. Let’s find out how to give your ideas wings. Leave excited by the possibilities!

  • Prepare for a truly personal conversation where we’ll identify what will help you reach your goals faster.
  • Leave with a customized-for-you blueprint that you can start implementing in your business right away.
  • An introduction to The 10X Zone and how we can help you grow a business that makes an impact, as we’ve been honored to do for hundreds of other business owners.

Visibility Strategy Consulting

Stand Out.

Broadcast your message nationally

Build national visibility

Build a much bigger audience, that generates leads, speaking opportunities and referrals using media combined with social media.

Get REAL RESULTS from social media efforts

Identify and build a presence on the best social media platforms for your business.

Build a targeted audience of inspired fans and followers.

Position yourself as a go-to industry expert or leader by getting national exposure.

What  JoAnna Stange  Says

“I was completely stuck before talking with Janis. I wasn’t sure whether to try for more clients, or move into a new niche and which niche that might be. She did what other coaches had been unable to do. She helped me to finally see
what was in my way, showed me what was possible, and restored faith in a distant dream. I now have the clarity I truly needed. We discussed concrete action steps I can take to make this a reality. I am so grateful she told me what
I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.
I’m excited again about what’s next for me and my business!
Janis…showed me what’s possible…``