Coaching Income Secrets

Did you know that most coaches, consultants and experts never pass the $50,000 income level? Something is wrong with that picture! Over the past 12 years I’ve coached and mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs through a variety of programs and one thing has become clear.

Women coaches are being called to accelerate transformation in many areas. And we’ve not even begun to tap the surface. There are 2 main reasons many coaches struggle to turn that internal fire into outward success.

1) Break through your Inner Success Barriers

You can know all the hot marketing strategies and have amazing programs, but if your core beliefs are in opposition to your goals, you’re stuck. What you believe about yourself, how big you can achieve and about your ability to do so will determine your success. So if you have an inner voice that believes in struggle or scarcity; if you have negative money stories; if you believe you are an island and need to do it all alone, then guess what you’ll get?  Struggle, scarcity and isolation. The Universe will create exactly what you believe.

Breaking through these inner barriers will give you a level of freedom and success beyond what you even imagine.

2) Build a Solid Outer Structure

As women we can have a business that honors and expresses our most beautiful feminine qualities, like nurturing, relationship building, intuition and authenticity.  But we need to use some of the more masculine attributes such as strategic planning, goal setting, technology, sales and marketing mastery and money mapping in order to achieve greatness in our businesses. It’s a matter of balance. If you are not building the outer structure necessary you won’t be able to get to the next level.

Unfortunately many coaches feel lost as to why all their hard work isn’t paying off.  These simple two steps can completely and permanently rock your world and change the trajectory of your business!

Here is a client success story I used in a recent video. My client, Jane, was a corporate trainer before she lost her job and decided to start her own business.

Here was her business looked like after her first year. Not bad, but even though it was far more than most coaches make in their first year, it was way less than she had earned in her corporate job and she dreamed of so much more. That’s when she contacted me for help. She was undercharging her private client, delivering someone else’s corporate training program for half the daily fee, and had no premium coaching program.

janesbusinessbeforeWe identified some inner core beliefs that were holding her back and worked on a huge shift. Her confidence and vision soared as a result.

janescorebeliefsAfter creating a real structure, business design and money map Jane’s business looked like this one year later.


janesmoneymap (1)You can see all the details in this video. (Register and then view Video 2)

As you can see her sales increased by over $100,000. She worked hard, but her level of enthusiasm went through the roof. And most importantly she is helping so many more people and has a structure to keep doing so year after year.

This is the key to doubling or tripling your coaching income. The more money you make, the more people you’re helping. They in turn can help others. I call this the Oprah effect.  And in doing this work we are literally changing the world. Does that sound like a big challenge? Yes it is, and we’re being called to get the ball rolling.

If you are ready to break through the inner barriers that are preventing you from standing fully in your feminine power and potential, and you want to put a powerful outer structure in place, you might want to take my Prosperity Breakthrough assessment to see where you may need to shift to create the success you yearn for. Then you can set up a time to speak with me to uncover what your answers reveal.

  • Steve @ Business Diagrams
    Posted at 02:05h, 23 May Reply

    This is great!!! question – what is the expectation in terms of hours worked. Will this still fit within the 45 hours per week?

  • entrepreneur/mba
    Posted at 16:51h, 28 August Reply

    Excellent advice for small business success. It’s amazing the number of entrepreneurs who don’t analyze their situations and develop plans like you have illustrated here. And most importantly — if it’s not working, change something!

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