Can the Law of Attraction ideas in “The Secret” really help you succeed?

Okay you’ve probably had it up to here with hype about “The Secret”. The creator/producer Rhonda Byrne developed a brilliant strategy that garnered more top notch publicity than most of us could dream about.

I personally liked the movie but thought it was sorely lacking in real direction about how to use the Law of Attraction in our daily lives. The movie made it seem as if the secret was a magic formula that could instantly solve all our problems. Not a great suggestion in an instant gratification society.
But does it work? And if so, how can you use these basic principles to create the business of your dreams?
Well, actually I’ve been talking about the law of attraction for some time. I just called it something different–the Entrepreneurial Mind Set. It’s extremely powerful, but just like anything else worthwhile, you have to work at it.

It’s a fact that your thoughts and beliefs determine what actions you take. They also determine how you feel. For example, if you often feel overwhelmed and easily discouraged, that feeling of lack, frustration and sadness will lead you to act in ways that create more of the same. You most likely will procrastinate, dream but not implement, and find ways to avoid being proactive in your business for fear of getting poor results. I’ve seen this happen to lots of early stage business owners who are lacking the skills to think like a successful Entrepreneur even though they’re very good at what they do.

On the other hand, if you hold a deep belief that you can succeed and your thoughts create feelings of passionate commitment, excitement, engagement, and determination, you will act in ways that attract successful results.

Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world determine how you feel. Your feelings determine how you act and whether others are drawn to you and your services. Would you want to do business with someone who always seemed negative, depressed, unhappy, ungenerous? I think you get the point.

Entrepreneurs who are successful and happy are engaged, passionate, excited, creative, open and honest with themselves. Do they have off days? Of course, we all do.

So how do you begin to practice the law of attraction in your life? First of all understand that the inner work you do will directly affect the outer results you get. So spend time every day in silence–no distractions. Meditate, comtemplate, plan, create. That’s your time.

Start by spending one week–and this won’t be easy–monitoring how you feel during your workday. You’ll most likely find that much of the day there’s an undercurrent of anger, fear, anxiety, or you’re flatlined (feeling nothing). If you can take a deep breath when you discover this and focus on something that makes you happy and excited, like your goals, your children, or the beautiful weather, you can change the direction of your thoughts. I often focus on the reason I do the work I do, and that lifts me up. You will start to find that people and situations that match your more positive emotional state will begin to come into your life. The quality of your clients will improve. You’ll be more prone to work smart and stop wasting time.
It becomes like the domino effect. Little by little, you begin to create the life you want. You also bounce back faster from the set backs.

Look at your current situation and how happy you are with it. That will tell you a lot about the thoughts and beliefs that are currently running your life. When you can begin to control your thought patterns, habits and emotional reactions, you will begin to attract exactly the success you want.


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