Are You Undervaluing the True Worth of Your Talent and Knowledge?

So often I see business owners who overflow with truly stunning ideas and who possess impressive skills and experience still struggling to make money. Usually this happens for three reasons—

1. They are undervaluing and downplaying the rich and vast store of knowledge they have that others want and that could be turned into products and programs. They think that “everyone already knows that” (which couldn’t be further from the truth).
2. They are creating amazing products and programs but have not mastered the marketing tactics and strategies that will enable them to get these offers out to the world.
3. They are afraid people will view them as “pushy” if they talk passionately and consistently about how their products and programs can truly help their clients.

Does this resonate with you? If so it’s time for a change because this is an entrepreneurial mindset issue that can create a barrier between you and success. Think of successful people you admire. They are not shy about talking boldly about their products and services and the results they get. Bold doesn’t have to mean boastful. They are able to do this because they openly share their passion and are totally honest about how they help people.

To be a high income small business owner you also need to be a master marketer. This means that rather than focus on the next idea that comes along you focus on going deep with one idea, pulling all the knowledge out of your head and turning it into tangible products and services. Then you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes and, rather than telling them what you do, tell them in clear, compelling language about the results you can get them. That’s what they really care about. Take away the “I” language and put in lots of “you” language. Speak passionately about outcomes not the process you use to get the outcome.

When someone downplays their knowledge or fears marketing their services the underlying problem is often a fear of not being liked or of appearing inappropriate, yet the more successful you become the more you’ll find that people are either raving fans or big naysayers. You need to accept that not everyone will like you. So what? They will like someone else and that’s okay. You need to focus on finding your community—the people that can’t get enough of what you have to offer. Let go of the fear, because if you don’t you risk staying hidden in a corner instead of being in the spotlight where you can have an impact.

Another reason people don’t value their knowledge is because they’ve achieved a level of expertise that makes it seems as if the basics are common knowledge and therefore worthless. They think they have to give away a high level of information for people to respond. The truth is that people want to hire you because they don’t know the basics and they trust you as the expert to help them learn step by step. Never assume your prospects know the basics. Start at the beginning every time. Once you realize this you start to see just how vast and deep your expertise really is.

Take your knowledge and create a simple, easy-to-understand system and teach it over and over. This is the secret of creating a successful idea or knowledge based business.

Here’s a simple action step: Make a list of all the topics or areas where you are an expert or knowledgeable, or where you know more than many other people. Really explore every possible area of your life. Look into the past. I bet you’ll be amazed at how long that list is. Now start seeing how some of those topics could be married together to create new and unique products, programs or service that fills a real need and ask yourself how much value having access to your knowledge would add to someone’s life.

This simple exercise can help you gain confidence in the fact that you have something wonderful to offer the world.

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