Are You Selling Yourself Short by Hiding in the Background?

Many, many years ago when I worked as a professional singer and actor in New York I was just like many people in my profession. I wanted the starring role so I could really shine and show my stuff. But there were times when instead I was cast in a supporting or even background role. I still cherished and learned from those experiences but it just wasn’t the same as the experience of being able to directly influence the audience and have an emotional impact.

What surprised me though was that there were some performers who were more comfortable staying in the background even though they were very talented. Fear kept them from stepping into the spotlight even though a part of them yearned to be there. If you aren’t working on developing an entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to be a star in your niche, you may be experiencing this too.

Are you settling for the background, hiding behind your computer? Are you afraid to stand in the spotlight in your business or in your niche for fear that it might turn some people away? I see this often. This manifests as —

  • Fear of charging what you’re worth because you’ve decided “they” can’t afford it. Instead let your prospects decide if the results you help them get are worth it.
  • Fear of putting your work out there until its “perfect”. Act now and perfect later. Something is better than nothing.
  • Fear of failing and just confirming what all the naysayers around you who lack vision have been telling you. You know…the ones who want you to stay right where you are.
  • Fear of sending out too many emails because someone might unsubscribe. It’s normal for people to unsubscribe almost every time you email your list. These are people that would never buy from you or whose lives have changed and they are no longer in need of your expertise. Don’t be offended. The ones who stay are interested in what you have to say.
  • Fear of speaking in front of a group because there’s a chance your message won’t resonate. The truth is that if you speak with passion, people will listen, especially if you’ve made sure you’re speaking to people in your target market.
  • Fear of picking up the phone to talk with prospects because they may say “no”. The truth is that many more will say “yes” and you’ll have many more high quality clients.
  • Fear of selling and of being too “salesy” results in no promotion at all. Being salesy is being false. If you have a great solution for someone’s problem and you offer it to them sincerely, you will not be perceived as salesy. A business without sales is a failed business, right?
  • Fear of taking the time to invest in planning out a strategy and getting help. Who will invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself and your dream?

The result of fading into the background is that you’re not standing in your potential and power. That means being willing to shout out your most powerful and passionate message in a way that is very visible and that makes it clear what you stand for, even if that’s a bit scary.

The statistics back this up. More women than ever are opening businesses but few of them ever get to six figures. Women are striving but not thriving. Are you willing to settle for that?

Wearing a dull shade of gray and hiding in the background will keep you from attracting the attention of those people who might benefit from working with you. It will keep you stuck and small. It will keep you invisible. You might have stage fright. I did. But do it anyway. Hearing the applause of hundreds of people who resonate with you and your message is an amazing experience and it will make you a leader. Most importantly it will make you feel that you are making a living by living your purpose.


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  • Sonia
    Posted at 01:28h, 07 October Reply

    Hi Janis!

    Very interesting post that is certainly inspiring and motivating. I concur with you that having “The right Mindset” is the key factor for entrepreneurs to achieve success.

  • Mary Kaplan
    Posted at 13:58h, 03 November Reply

    Great post! Many years ago I took the Dale Carnegie Class on Human Relations, and so many of us in the class were terrified of public speaking. When none of us died from doing what was so scary, that took away the fear and allowed the creativity and passion to come out. Yes, putting yourself out there is always scary, but the rewards of doing it are so great.

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