A Recipe for Marketing Success: The Secret “Ingredient”

IngredientsDid you ever try to re-create the recipe for a great dish you ate in a restaurant, or you saw somewhere and it just didn’t taste the same?

Maybe you missed that one key ingredient. Everything else was there, but that one ingredient made all the difference.

Think of your marketing success as a recipe. Most people think money + advertising = clients.

Ummm….  A little too simple. There are actually 3 ingredients necessary to boost your revenues.

Traffic. Leads. Conversion.

If one of these “ingredients” is missing the recipe falls flat.

Not into cooking? Ok, here’s another example of what I mean.

Imagine you send out invitations to friends inviting them to a party at your home and people respond. You’ve got the equivalent of targeted traffic.

But suppose they show up at your house and the lights are on, but you never got around to cleaning or preparing food and you’re just hanging out on the computer.

Want to bet they’re less than thrilled and they’ll lose interest and leave fast. You’ve got no way to capture their attention or create a fun experience. (No lead capture)

But if you had cleaned, decorated and prepared food, they’d be all in, right?

Now say you were playing some great music, offered some interesting conversation and made them feel really happy and welcome. They’d rush to come back to the next party, wouldn’t they? They’d be all in!

This is how we get client conversion. And without conversion—someone saying yes—your marketing “recipe” falls flat.

Many businesses fall into the trap of paying for traffic, but having no idea how much more they’re getting or how much of that traffic is converting into clients. Without increased sales that are measurable, traffic generation doesn’t work.

Special bonus: Download my Revenue Acceleration Process Map. See how we turn cold traffic into hot leads and clients.

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