8 Steps to Creating and Marketing a Home Study or Membership Program

You don’t need to be stuck year after year selling time for dollars, working ridiculous hours, or struggling to get a handful of clients. That doesn’t have to be your fate because there’s another way. If you have knowledge or expertise in any area, whether it’s business, the arts or a hobby, most likely there are people who want to learn it. And they may not want to have to show up at a class or conference to learn.

That’s why home study and membership programs have become so popular and are such a lucrative business. In a recent webinar I described just two clients who worked with me to add home study and membership programs to their businesses and doubled their income in six months to a year. And they were actually working fewer hours than ever.

This is not a make money fast opportunity but rather a way to turn your hard work into a profitable income stream. In fact once you learn a system for creating and marketing a home study program, you can just use the system again and again.

Because I have both home study and membership programs and have helped clients develop theirs, I took all of the trial and error and experience I’d gained and turned it into the Home Study Income System.

Here is the 8 step process I use that can help you create your own program.

    1. Find a Topic that will Sell

It’s crucial to identify a topic that addresses a specific problem people are having and that they are willing to pay to solve. Upfront research is crucial and will show you how to zero in on a topic that will sell.

    1. Choose the Medium and Components

There are many different delivery formats you can use for your program. I’ve identified eleven—and choosing the right combination for your market and so you accommodate different learning styles is important.

    1. Create your Course Outline

Working from an outline organized into modules that carefully address each step in the process or system your teaching will ensure that your buyers get the results you’re promising.

    1. Create a Project Schedule and Checklists

With my system we work on completed your program on a 60 day schedule. Each step you need to complete in creating your content, deliverables and in setting up your automated marketing and sales process needs to be on your schedule.

    1. Create you Content and Product Graphic

There are shortcuts you can take to creating your content. For example, you might have lots of content already on your computer in the form of articles, blog posts, teleclass scripts, audios or even an e-book, report or book you’ve written. Much of that can be used as content in your new program. You’ll also need a product graphic to on your web sales page to create a visual image of what your buyers will get.

    1. Create the “Plumbing”

You’ll need to complete the technical set-up that will automate your sales and marketing process. This includes your e-mail marketing set-up, your website set-up, your shopping cart set-up and perhaps using an audio and video service. Once the set up is done and doing it’s job you can go on vacation and still have sales rolling in.

    1. Design the Marketing

I’ve identified the 10 best ways to can market your program, which combines both online and offline methods. Determine where you can most easily reach your target market (where they hang out) and customize your marketing strategy to reach them there instead of wasting time trying to do every marketing activity you know. It’s important at this stage to integrate and automate as much as you can. We use marketing process maps to easily accomplish this and you can do the same.

    1. Implement Your Marketing and Strategies to Increase Sales

Put your marketing on a weekly implementation schedule. With good and affordable outsourced help it shouldn’t take more than a few hours a week! Then you can find ways to turn your Home Study Program into a membership program as well as re-purpose it for other markets and you’ll only have to make minor changes. It’s a great way to leverage your work.

So it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and create information products and passive income in your business!

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