7 Keys to Small Business Success – Strategy

Here is the next video in the series.  If you’re trying to build your small or solo or home based business by selling one product at a time to one client at a time, the problem is that as soon as the sale is complete and the product delivered you’ll be off looking for the next client. Friends, you cannot build a solid 6 figure income or even a 7 figure income with that approach.

You’ve got to have a business model– a strategy to make multiple, ongoing sales to each client, to attract multiple clients and to have multiple income streams. If you think from now on–what would I do now, today, if I had a million dollar business—you’ll have an eye opening experience.

When a business owner tells me their business is built on, say, selling an e-book or selling one service, I know its time for a mindset breakthrough. You need to have an overall strategy to grow your business and then have a strategy for each and every marketing activity you do.  It’s really a mindset shift. Hope you enjoy the video.

7 Keys to Success – Video 2 Strategy from Janis Pettit on Vimeo.

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