6 Tips for Getting More Sales

tipIn all of my years of doing the work helping experts create lucrative lifestyle businesses, I’ve learned that nothing sends someone spiraling into destructive false or negative patterns like repeated frustration getting clients and closing sales.

You connect with an ideal prospect, and it seems as though you have a perfect connection. You’re convinced that this person is going to say YES.

But then you’re disappointed and confused when he (or she) doesn’t buy or enroll in your program. Suddenly, all of your insecurities come flooding in . . . feelings of discouragement, frustration, and self-doubt.

You’re tempted to sink into a spiral of negative self-talk making it all mean that you’ll never be successful or make enough money doing what you love. Maybe you decide that nothing works, or your products aren’t good enough, or nothing sells, or….on and on.

But in that moment—the moment your fears and self-doubt are triggered—rather than react to the automatic meaning you are making, and acting based on those feelings . . . you need to instead breathe deeply and refuse to make any decisions until you’ve moved away from the gravitational pull of these disempowering beliefs.

Challenge these false beliefs and find your “power center.”

Then you can act on these tips:

Tip #1 – Start to see sales not as some necessary evil but as the doorway to helping people who need you to get past their fear (which you’ve experienced too) and make a buying decision that will benefit them greatly.

Tip #2 – Hiding your brilliance under a blanket of humility and shyness will keep your message hidden. You must be visible and confident to get noticed and to get a “yes”.

Tip #3 – If you are not speaking to prospects about the BOTTOM LINE results they will get from you and exactly how it will impact their DAILY life well into the future they will not understand why they should pay you.

Tip #4 – Offer prospects a reason to buy now, and offer them a way to remove the risk from buying.

Tip #5 – Anticipate any buying concerns they may have and address those concerns before they bring them up.

Tip #6 – Ask for a yes. Don’t lead up to it and then hope your prospect will say “let’s get started”. Ask clearly and then wait for the answer.

People need your help and expertise, but building a business means mastering the sales process and feeling comfortable charging and getting what you’re worth. Make this a priority and you’ll see massive improvement in the results you’re getting.

Selling is about showing someone how your solution can solve their problem. You are doing your followers a disservice if you shy away from helping them.

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  • Sahail Ashraf
    Posted at 09:37h, 30 August Reply

    The number of times I have lost business by not asking for it is staggering. Prospects that want to buy will expect to be asked for the sale. Also, a big part of the confidence thing is the impact on the prospect. They feel reassured if you are confident.

    Great post.

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