6 Experts Share How to Harness the Power of Your Creativity and Turn Your Ideas into Income

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a highly creative, entrepreneurial type who comes up with brilliant ideas, over and over and over again.  Whether you’re sitting at your laptop, or working out on the elliptical at the gym, an ever flowing stream of ideas pours through you.

This abundance of ideas can be a blessing and a curse, at the same time. It can create confusion and undermine your focused action. Your highly creative nature ensures that you have a plethora of possibilities, but it makes it difficult to hone in and consistently implement the ideas that can create a high income business. There is a way to harness the power of your creativity and turn your ideas into income!

If you’re tired of launching programs and products with plenty of promise that don’t translate into profitable revenue streams then you won’t want to miss this FREE Online Event I’ve helped organize for you, where six highly successful entrepreneurs share their stories of how they translated their ideas, knowledge and passion into multiple streams of income.

They’ll share the strategies and inside tips on how they put their business on the fast track to profitability:

Felicia J. Slattery, Communications and Speaking Expert, Author, Teacher and Trainer.

Shannon Cherry, Creative Relationship Marketing  and PR Guru

Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder

Marnie Pehrson, best-selling author, speaker and online publicist who helps spiritually-minded entrepreneurs find their place in the world and deliver their messages online.

Bob Jenkins, better known as “Bob The Teacher , Internet Marketing Master

….. and ME! I’ll be giving you Action Steps to create the Personal Profit Process that sets you apart and brings clients to your door.

You’ll spend 30 minutes with each speaker and get inside access to…

  • How they initially went from the idea for their business to generating income.
  • Get in on a “sneak peak” of their upcoming LIVE presentation.
  • Take away 3 to 5 Action Steps you can implement immediately to get you on YOUR path from idea to income.

The Take Action Virtual Workshop will be take place from February 22nd through March 3rd.

Take Action Now and register for this dynamic, content rich FREE series… http://takeactionvirtualworkshop.com

We’ll also tell you how you can meet us all in April at a LIVE event and delve deeper into the process of going from Idea to Income.

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