4 Ways to Get Known Fast

Want to know one of the biggest challenges women face when trying to grow their idea, knowledge, or service based businesses?

It’s how to quickly build an expert reputation and start to have a name people in your target market know, seek out, remember and recommend. Because if you don’t, you’ll get lost in the marketing clutter and struggle to get enough leads and clients.

In order to grab the attention of information saturated people, you need to provide them with a message or opportunity that’s not only compelling, but that touches them emotionally, or that offers suggestions as to how to solve an urgent problem that they currently have. Here are four suggestions for building your reputation quickly.

    1. Become a nicheologist

Huh? What does that mean? Recently I was searching for sofas in the French country style. My online searches kept turning up pages and pages of sofas—just not in the style I wanted. I finally gave up. If I had just found one wonderful website with exactly what I was searching for I would have been thrilled and may even have become a client.

In the same way you need to find your niche, your sweet spot, the one that makes you stand out to a specific group of people. Niches that are too broad are too competitive and vague. More and more people want to hire someone who is an expert at solving their specific problem. Better yet, if you see a problem presenting itself over and over in your market and you know people would pay for a solution, you’ve found yourself a ready-made niche. This makes it so much easier to STAND OUT and be noticed.

    1. Connect and associate with top experts who already are well known in your market

Creating relationships with top experts in your field will help you be associated with that level of expertise. There are many ways to engage with these people. Promote a product for them and they may be interested in promoting yours. Consider interviewing top experts, record these interviews and use them to deliver a tele-summit or put them together as a for-sale product. Promote these interviews in social media. Follow and engage with these people on Facebook and Twitter.

You will also be inspired to move quickly to the next level and you will be inspired by their success.

    1. Create an experience that will engage your prospects on an emotional level

How can you create a real experience for your market? You can do this through a video, a tele-class or webinar or by speaking at events and meetings. Just spewing information will not do it. You need to connect to your prospects at the level of their deepest problem, their most cherished dream, and the results they need and want. You need to become a change agent—someone who really changes your clients lives in some positive way.
Once you do, people will start to talk about your business and refer you. They’ll suggest that their friends follow you on social media.

    1. Boldly display proof that you get results

I’m often amazed when I talk to a business owner and they tell me they only have a few weak testimonials tucked away on a page on their website. Every successful interaction with a client is an opportunity for you to get a glowing testimonial. Ask your clients where they were when they started working with you and where they were afterward. Videotape them. Ask to use their name and website. Then put those testimonials boldly on every webpage and on all your marketing materials.

You absolutely must stand out in today’s marketplace if you want to generate six figures. Ask yourself, am I holding back or do I have the determination and courage to stand out.

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